From the New Kingdom Chatelain

Hail and well met to all who read this missive!

I am Jack Black of Flint, successor to Maestra Giovanna Adimari, as your Kingdom Chatelain. I thank Maestra Giovanna for her years of effort on behalf of the Kingdom and populace, as well as the trust that she and our Curia are placing in me. ((Here’s hoping I live up to it! *laughs*))

Seriously, though, just want to take a moment of your time to introduce myself, as well as other new Officers! We now have Lady Soffeke Stotorogghen in Pentamere, Lady Seonaid inghean Ghriogar in North Oaken, Lord Njall Tjorkilsson in the Midlands, Baroness Verena Entenwirth in Constellation, and Lady Erennach ingen ui Ronain remains in South Oaken!

Much thanks to all of those who have stepped down as your Regionals for a well deserved rest! I’d also like to thank all who are warranted Chatelaines. You are one of the most important parts of your groups, no matter what general opinions are. Without you, we don’t recruit. Without you, we wouldn’t have lasted 51 years, and getting ready to start another 51 (at least)! I’d also like to welcome Lady Jolicia atte Northclyfe, Deputy for Recruitment, Retention, and Demos! We are all here to help those who are new to the Society, as well as the seasoned veterans who are looking at ways to stay involved as we all make successful trips around the sun! My contact info should be on the Kingdom Webpage, and I am always available by email. Remember my first two rules:

1) Have Fun!

2) Help others have fun!

In Service to the Crown, Dream, and Populace,

Jack Black of Flint