Kriemhilt promoted to rank of Herald Extraordinary

Done in Court with Their Majesties permission at Crown:

The College of Arms has a rank of Herald Extraordinary that has a long and honored history. The rank was formally created and defined in the 16th year of the Society by William Laurel. The intent of the rank is to recognize and reward “…those heralds who have greatly served the College of Heralds and/or the College of Arms and have achieved the highest level of competence in heraldry.”

In light of their considerable contribution to the Midrealm College of Heralds through service as Fenris Herald, Dragon Herald, Meadows Herald, deputy to the Pale Herald, and my own Emergency Deputy it is my pleasure as Dragon Principal Herald to confer the rank and style of Herald Extraordinary on Kriemhilt von Ebersberg and charge her to register a title of her choosing with the College of Arms.

Konrad Dragon