Monthly Archive: June 2017

Midrealm Court Reports – May 2017

Regency Court of Their Majesties William and Isolde, presided over by Their Excellencies Ulfr and Odile of Sternfeld, held on 13 May AS 52 (CE 2017) at Constellation Academy of Defense in the Shire of Mynydd Seren. Heralded by Damian Nihthauk. Seneschal was Taisiia (Tai) Volodimerna.

  • Purple Fret: Alan Culross, Melrakki
  • Willow: Yngerame Erskyne
  • Bronze Ring: Titus Sharper


Pennsic A&S War Point

Greetings, MidRealm!

As announced this past Sunday at Crown Tournament, these are the children of the dragon who will represent the Kingdom at the Pennsic A&S War Point this year:

Mistress Cerridwen Verch Ioreword
Master AEric Orvender (Christopher Lemke)
Alternates: Mistress Katherine Helene von Schoenberg (Helen Schultz) & Mistress Keely the Tinker (Denise Tinker Lemke) (more…)