Missive from Their Majesties – August LII

Greetings unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom!

One of the things we hear about is poor communications. In an effort to improve communications, we have some hints we hope you will find helpful.

First, some thoughts for those initiating contact. If you need to contact an officer via e-mail and hear nothing after 72 hours, check the address and send a second e-mail using “Return Receipt” and/or “Delivery Notification.” If you have contacted anyone else regarding the problem and they recommended you contact that officer, be sure to include that information. If you still receive no response, weigh its importance to decide the next step. For example, if you want to suggest a new drill to your canton’s marshal, just tell him at the next fight practice. If there is a safety issue at fight practice, the next step would be to send an e-mail to his immediate superior. (Contact your Canton, then Baronial, then Regional, then Kingdom Officer.)

If you are an officer and receive an e-mail, respond within 48 hours. If you are busy, send a quick reply saying you’ll look into the matter within a week. And then look into the matter within a week. If something in the e-mail doesn’t make sense, don’t make assumptions about what it means. Write and ask for clarification. If you feel like the problem would be better handled by another officer, you can recommend that, but make sure they weren’t referred to you by that officer. For example, you are a marshal and the seneschal told them to speak to you. You think it’s a matter for the seneschal. Contact the seneschal and discuss the issue rather than simply tell them to contact the seneschal. There are three other points to remember. First, it’s better to say “no” than to ignore the person who e-mailed you. Second, if it’s something that can’t be immediately resolved, keep in contact. Once a month, send an e-mail saying “I haven’t forgotten you.” And third, being busy is not an excuse to ignore e-mail. It might be a reason to look for a replacement.

Yours in service,

Isolde and William
Queen and King of the Midrealm