From the Kingdom Seneschal – August LII

Greetings, Midrealm,

As a time of war comes for our Kingdom, and drums of war are off in the distance, we still have a Kingdom at home that needs tending to. I am very excited about things that are in process currently. We have new groups that are coming forward, growing the lands of the already largest kingdom and giving a chance for our populace to expand and play. Countess Julianna is working towards helping these groups form, become a cohesive unit, and establish themselves, and I thank her for her work in this.

Dragon’s Treasure, the future of our Kingdom.

Bantiarna Ceara and Lady Artemisia are working on making sure we have activities that follow the youth policy so that the children have something to do rather than just being at events. While we are on this subject, let me talk about Background Checks. Who needs one? Well, any Minister of Youth, of a group or at large, needs to have one done, and file reports with the Minister of Youth, especially when they are in charge of activities. Youth Marshals need to as well, but must complete the marshal program before requesting a background check.

How do we get a background check? The directions can be found at under ‘background check questions and answers.’ Before sending in the forms to Corporate, you must e-mail the Kingdom Seneschal and with the information listed in the directions. If your reasoning is for Minister of Youth, please also copy Ceara at . If for Youth Marshal, please copy Master Ian at or Master Anton at .

Please note that if you do not have a reply back from me or the background check deputy saying your background check is approved to be processed, then mailing or faxing the forms to Corporate will do no good. They do not process the forms until the Kingdom has released them do to so.

Finally, please remember, for activities that are focused on youth, we must follow policy and have a background-checked Minister of Youth in charge, and follow the two-deep rule. If you have questions on this, please contact Ceara or me.

In Service I Remain,

Justice McArtain
Kingdom Seneschal