Exchecquer’s Letter – August LII

Greetings unto the Exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom

Monthly reporting: Each and every group must both reconcile their bank accounts and report to their seneschal and regional exchequer every month (as well as their baronial exchequer if applicable). There are still groups that are not reporting as required. You may have received a warning from your regional regarding the reporting non-compliance. If you do not come into compliance with monthly reporting, your group will be put on financial probation or recommended for suspension. Specific exchequers who continue to not comply may have their warrant revoked.

It is the responsibility of the group exchequer and event steward to remit the NMR reports and fees to the Kingdom in a timely manner. The deadline is 10 business days after the conclusion of an event. I should not have to chase these reports or fees. Groups that continue to have difficulty in following this procedure will face sanctions.

Warrants: All exchequers and their deputies must be warranted by the Kingdom Exchequer and Crown. When assuming the responsibilities of exchequer, you must:

  • complete and send the change of officer form signed by the other group officers, copies of your state identification and current SCA membership card, and a request for financial warrant (only fill out the personal information and position) to the Kingdom Exchequer.
  • complete an “intro to exchequer” class offered by the Kingdom Exchequer, one of the regional exchequers, or other kingdom-approved class. This ensures that you are familiar with the financial policies and exchequer handbook. (I am offering classes at several events in the upcoming months. Please check the event schedule or with me directly.)

A warrant roster will be completed and uploaded to the Midrealm website shortly. If you have sent me the above documents and have taken the class and are completing your duties, please consider yourself to be warranted unless I contact you with a specific question or problem.

Bank accounts: Bank accounts may not be changed without making a request using the Bank Account Request form to the Kingdom Exchequer (who then sends it on to the Society Exchequer and the VP of Operations for approval). This means any change of signatories, opening/closing an account, etc.

  • The Kingdom Exchequer, predecessor, or designated deputy must be one of the signatories on the account.
  • The seneschal and exchequer must be two of the signatories. More than one family member or individuals sharing a household may not be on the account.
  • Signatories must have a current membership (and if they are being added make sure that the membership does not expire soon).

There is an officially updated Society Exchequer Handbook and SCA, Inc. Financial Policy. Both were updated within the past month and are available on the Midrealm website and the SCA website on the Exchequer webpage. Please read these documents.

If you have questions – ask! If you need help – ask! The regional exchequers and I are all here to help!

In service to the Kingdom and Crown,

Kingdom Exchequer