From the Kingdom Chatelaine – August LII

Hail and well met, all who read these words!

We have some news from the Chatelaine’s office that I would like to share.
First, I would like to thank Lady Errenach, who is finally able to take her ease after seven years serving the South Oaken Region, and for serving as First Deputy for this office for several years as well. THL Jerusha a’Laon has taken over as South Oaken Regional Chatelaine, and we welcome her and look forward to working with her.

Secondly, there has been a change in the Middle Kingdom Demo Handbook, adding a line item to bring us in-line with Society regulations.

The change reads as follows:

17. Youth guidelines at Kingdom and Society level must be applied when youth are the target demographic at a demo. For demos that are intended to focus exclusively on minors, (Schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church youth groups, etc.) a warranted Youth Coordinator must be present for the entire length of the demo. For general demos that are geared towards a variety of demographics, a warranted Youth Coordinator is only required if an activity is specifically aimed at minors. Activities that are labeled as “All-Ages” or “Family” do not require the use of a Youth Coordinator as long as there is no reference of it being an activity for minors.

Basically, effective immediately, any demos that meet the above criteria MUST have a warranted Youth Coordinator on site. Given the magnitude of this change, we are asking Chatelaines to consider going through the background check process. We are working with the Kingdom Minister of Youth, Lady Ceara, to streamline the process. Lady Ceara assures us that this will not be an extra report required, UNLESS you have a demo that meets the criteria listed above.

Per a recent letter from the Society Chatelaine, Duchess Kalisa Aleksandrova, the “Two Deep” rule does NOT apply to staff at a facility, so there must be two SCAdians in every room that has children in it.

I am always available if you have any questions, comments, queries, ponderings, or dilemmas!

Remember to have fun!

Kingdom Chatelaine