From Their Royal Highnesses – September LII

Greetings to the Mighty Middle Kingdom!

It is Our deepest hope that all of you have enjoyed Pennsic as much as We did. Hopefully you had a safe and trouble-free Pennsic and have returned home full of new stories, gained knowledge, and with new friends from far away lands. We are always blown away with the skill of the warriors, artisans, bards, and caretakers of the Midrealm. We truly believe that the Middle Kingdom is the finest kingdom in the Society.

With War behind Us, Our attention turns to upcoming events. We hope all of you will join Us at the Tournaments of Defense, Chivalry, and Greenwood that will be held at Harvest Day. It promises to be a fantastic day with much for everyone to do.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event.

Cellach and Vukasin
Prince and Princess of the Midrealm