From their Highnesses, October AS LII

Greetings to the Middle Kingdom,
We are pleased to announce several challenges that will be running from the duration of Our reign. For each challenge you complete We will give you a special token.

First is a pilgrimage. To complete you will need to attend an event in each region of the Middle Kingdom as well as an event outside of the Middle Kingdom. (We would recommend Gulf Wars).

Next, We will be sponsoring two “hunts,” one for archery and another for thrown weapons. To complete the challenge, shoot or throw at five events.
Once you complete a challenge, find Us at an event and let Us know.

We are also working on finalizing a few prowess-based challenges for archery and thrown weapons. Once We have finished the rules, We will be sending them out.

We are deeply proud of the skill and dedication of Our populace. We are sure that many of you will be successful in completing the challenges.

Cellach and Vukasin
Prince and Princess of the Midrealm