Monthly Archive: October 2017

Court Reports, August – September, AS LII

Court of Their Majesties William and Isolde, 26 August AS 52 (CE 2017), held at Baroness Wars V in Their Shire of Swordcliff.

Heralded by Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen, Andreas Blacwode, Alzbeta Michalik, Alexander de Seton, Lucia Elena Braganza. Seneschals were Christofle Etienne de Lorraine dit le juene, Hengist Hawardessune.

  • Purple Fretty: One Paw Tiger Inn
  • Grove: Ayreton Brewers Guild
  • Sapphire: Philippe de Lyon
  • Dragon’s Treasure: Cartooth the Destroyer
  • AoA: Astrid Arnardottir, Jennifer of White Waters, Orianna Morgan of the Ely, David Patton, Edward the Wanderer, Diego Rodrigo Benito Ruiz, Raja Culamani of Chennai, Valdis Skjaldardottir, Rae the Smith
  • Dragon’s Barb: Eoin atte Keld, Metylda of Ravenslake
  • Purple Fret: Lynette de Warrene, Seto Gesshuko, Hildigunnr Halldorsdottir, Christofle Etienne de Lorraine dit le juene, Allison Renee Roseholm, Gailen Alric Ros of Geddes, Robert Thorne, Gillian Elanor of Roseholm, Reyni-Hrefna, Audettela la Tricoteuse de Saint Denis
  • Silver Oak: Raphael Di Merisi, Patrick of Three Hills, David of Lochmorrow, Roibhilin of Adair
  • Willow: Avery Austringer, Eva Wurster, Tualaith of Sternfeld, Isabel Sartore
  • Greenwood Company: Adella of Ayreton, Renzokuken of Ayerton, Einar Tjuguskegg, Nadezda ze Zastrizl
  • Evergreen: Gillianne de Solis, Kendra Cameron, Gwendolyn Merch Llewelyn, Michaela de Romeny
  • Dragon’s Heart: Tieron Alainn, Saraswati man Ikkam, Jane Carlisle the Tall, Muriel Zimmermannin, Albert of Artesia, Susanna the Short
  • Court Barony: Caroline de Mercier, Maximilian von Fallingbostel, Acelina of Derelei
  • Landed Baroness, Shattered Crystal: Petrona De Manciano
  • Landed Baron, Shattered Crystal: Kurro Ookami
  • Laurel: Caroline de Mercier Pelican: Epona Brodin, Gareth Ostwestly


Arts & Sciences News, November AS LII

Greetings to all the Artists, Performers, Inventors, Researchers, Craftspersons, Makers, Writers and Composers of the Middle Kingdom! 

We are finally ready for the Spring Regional A&S Faire Season. All the Faires that have been scheduled are listed on the KMOAS page at All the Criteria have been reviewed, and many corrections and changes have been approved. The new set of Criteria will be available on December 1, 2017. Make sure you are familiar with the rules for this year! I know many of you are hard at work on projects that will become entries in the Faires this year. I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing things and seeing the research and exploration that is going on all over the Kingdom!  (more…)

From the Kingdom Earl Marshal, re: Equestrian Activities

Unto all whom read these words, greetings.

The Middle Kingdom is fortunate to have “the horse capital of the world” in its borders. Across our great kingdom we are blessed with 4-H fair grounds, county fairs with rodeos, and state and national parks that all cater to horse activities. The horse has had a huge impact on medieval culture, warfare, idea exchange, farming and many other aspects of medieval life. The Marshals have been reaching out to many current SCA horse owners, trainers, horse enthusiasts, some with frustration, some with safety concerns but most expressing a huge love for our kingdom and horses. It was also felt necessary to wait until the end of the riding/equestrian season to implement any changes for the upcoming season. (more…)

Exchequer’s Missive, November AS LII

Greetings unto the exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom, A few announcements…

• A new draft of the Middle Kingdom Financial Policies is being reviewed by the Curia. The new version has been rewritten to be more reader-friendly. There have not been significant changes to existing policy; however, there has been clarification and expansion of some of the sections. With Curia approval, it will be forwarded to the SCA Board of Directors for review and approval and then posted for public use. (more…)

From Their Majesties, November AS LII

Greetings to the Middle Kingdom,

We have enjoyed Our recent travels and your wonderful hospitality. The good spirit of Our Kingdom was displayed recently at Rose Tournament in the Midlands region. The event had to shift from an outdoor area to an inside area because of the harsh wind and approaching rain. To do so required the moving of table and chairs in the inside space as well as the relocation of all the Roses and their day camps. With good will and smiles this was accomplished. Everyone lent a hand and the event was relocated in quick time so the tournament could begin. We were very impressed by Our people and think this behavior displays what the Society and Middle Kingdom are all about.

This is not the only time We have witnessed this behavior, it is just the most recent example. We frequently see Our citizens assisting those in need, whether in Our Kingdom or in other lands. It is commonly said in the SCA we can have the family of our choice, and we are all fortunate to have such a caring and loving family.

We are excited to have Heirs added into Our family. We hope you will come join Us at Crown Tournament if you are able. And We trust that you will welcome Our heirs as warmly as you have welcomed us.

Cellach and Vukasin

July & August Heraldic Decisions

The July Letter of Acceptances and Returns was published last month and the August Letter this month. Here are the decisions for the Middle Kingdom. The letters can be found online here:

Official notification will be sent to the submitters from the Opinicus Pursuivant. Look for an email form ; if you have items in submission you may want to add it to your address book as we have occasionally had issues with spam filters grabbing them. Please make sure to follow the link in the email as that lets us know that you have received the notification.


Adella Silberpfeil. Name (see RETURNS for device).
The spelling Adella was not documented in the Letter of Intent. Fortunately, Konrad Dragon found this spelling in the FamilySearch Historical Records for Württemberg, Germany, dated to 1600.
Questions were raised in commentary about the construction of the byname Silberpfeil. Evidence indicated that this element could be constructed as an inn sign byname. At the Pelican decision meeting, Ælfwynn Leoflæde dohtor found evidence of unmarked inn sign bynames in German, allowing this name to be registered as submitted, without a preposition.

Edmund of Hertford. Badge (see RETURNS for household name). Lozengy sable and argent, a lion’s face purpure jessant of a cross bottony Or.
There is a step from period practice for use of a lion’s head jessant of a charge that isn’t a fleur-de-lys.

Edmund of Hertford. Device change. Lozengy sable and argent, a lion rampant guardant purpure ducally crowned and maintaining a cross bottony Or.
The submitter is a duke and entitled to a coronet of strawberry leaves.
The submitter’s previous device, Lozengy sable and argent, a lion rampant guardant purpure maintaining a cross bottony, within an orle of chain Or, is released.

Ellisif Auðinardóttir. Name.

Emer Atzinger. Name.
The February 2015 Cover Letter permits the 16th century English given name Emer to be borrowed into German and combined with a German surname.
The submitter may be interested to know that Emmer appears as a late period German given name in Seibicke s.n. Emmer. If the submitter desires this spelling, and thus a wholly German name, he may make a request for reconsideration.

Ragna Auðinarkona. Name and device. Pean, an owl argent and a bordure Or.

Reinhardt mit dem Bart. Name (see RETURNS for device).
Reinhardt was documented in the Letter of Intent only as a German surname. However, there is no evidence supporting the use of German surnames as given names.
Fortunately, attendees at the Pelican decision meeting found Reinhardt as a given name in the FamilySearch Historical Records for Württemberg, Germany, dated to 1565. This documentation places the given name well within 500 years of the German byname mit dem Bart, allowing the name to be registered.
The submitter may be interested to know that the spelling Reinhart mit dem Bart is authentic for the 13th century. If he wishes this form, he may make a request for reconsideration.

Tarquinus Suspectus. Name and device. Per bend argent and vert, a bend between an alphyn passant and three towers counterchanged.
Originally submitted as Tarquin_ Suspectus, the documentation in the Letter of Intent did not support this form of the name. Fortunately, Alisoun Metron Ariston was able to document Tarquinus Suspectus as a plausible Roman name based on the appearance of the nomen Tarquinus in first century B.C.E. Roman writings and the pattern of cognomina derived from perfect passive participles mentioned in Kajanto, The Latin Cognomina, pp. 92 – 93. As the submitter allows all changes, we have changed the name to Tarquinus Suspectus for registration.
(Note Tarquinus’ submissions were listed under RETURNS in error and will be on an upcoming Errata, until then they will not show up in the O&A.)


Adella Silberpfeil. Device. Per chevron throughout azure and argent, two drawn bows reversed nocked with mullet-headed arrows argent, and a dragon dormant purpure.
This device is returned for lack of documentation of mullet-headed arrows. No documentation was presented and none could be found that arrows were headed of anything but arrowheads (pheons, broadheads, bird-blunts, etc.).

Edmund of Hertford. Household name Lozengia Tower.
This household name must be returned for lack of documentation. NPN1B3 of SENA states: “The designators for household names must be documented as a form describing a group of people in a particular culture.” No documentation was provided (and none could be found) showing the use of tower to describe a group of people. Thus, this name lacks a designator and cannot be registered.
In addition, there was no evidence that this name fits an attested pattern for constructing household names. Without such evidence, this name cannot be registered.

Reinhardt mit dem Bart. Device. Quarterly sable and gules, a wolfhound statant contourny between two towers in bend argent.
This device is returned for blurring the distinction between primary and overall charges. The wolfhound is not truly between the towers, but is barely overall, with the tip of the hound’s tail and one of its paws overlapping the towers. Being neither honestly between nor honestly overall, it cannot accurately be blazoned.


Cynnabar, Barony of. Order Name Award of the Elephants Tusk.
This award name was pended on the June 2017 Letter of Acceptances and Returns because the question of whether a tusk is a period heraldic charge was due to be decided by Wreath at the July decision meeting. To keep our rulings consistent, we wished to wait until after Wreath rendered his ruling.
In the July 2017 Letter of Acceptances and Return, Wreath concluded that tusks are not period heraldic charges and that “we will cease further registration of tusks of any kind effective as of the January 2018 decision meeting.” [Bowen Doyle, 7/2017 LoAR, R-An Tir]. However, Wreath also noted:
In all, there are less than a dozen registrations of tusks as stand-alone charges, most assumed (or explicitly stated) to be elephant tusks, most dating to the early 1990s, and only one dated after 1995. The last registration of any tusk was the badge of the Shire of Ivory Keep in February 2009, Argent, two tusks in saltire azure and a bordure denticulada sable.
Given that elephant’s tusks were plausible charges at the time this order name was submitted, we believe fairness requires us to register this order name. However, consistent with Wreath’s decision, as of the January 2018 decision meeting, a tusk is no longer a heraldic charge on which an order name can be based.