Exchequer’s Missive, November AS LII

Greetings unto the exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom, A few announcements…

• A new draft of the Middle Kingdom Financial Policies is being reviewed by the Curia. The new version has been rewritten to be more reader-friendly. There have not been significant changes to existing policy; however, there has been clarification and expansion of some of the sections. With Curia approval, it will be forwarded to the SCA Board of Directors for review and approval and then posted for public use.

• We are postponing the Regalia auction until the Middle Kingdom 50 Year celebration in 2019 to allow for additional discussion and input from stakeholders. This will also permit us to fine tune the process for determining if an item should be auctioned, how to collect bids, and any restrictions that would be placed on the item use.

• I am accepting applications for Middle Kingdom Exchequer until November 30, 2017. Please send your resume (SCA and modern) with a letter of interest. Applications will be reviewed in December with an announcement of our election after the Curia meeting at the beginning of the new year.

• I have been working to streamline the process of submitting monthly reports. All other group officers can go to the Middle Kingdom website, click a link, and submit their report. Now the exchequers will have a similar process. Links for each region will be posted on the Google Group, the Facebook group, and the Midrealm Exchequer webpage. This link will take you to a Google form that will ask you to fill in some basic contact information and will then allow you to upload a PDF of your monthly report and bank statement. A PDF is required since it fulfills the requirement of a static copy of the report in the same way that a paper hardcopy does. Monthly and quarterly reports will be able to be filed this way. You will need to use a Gmail account to submit this report; if you are using your account set up through the Midrealm, (you all have one even if you don’t know it) then you will be all set.

• The Middle Kingdom is part of the corporate audit of the SCA, Inc., this year. I, or your regional exchequer, may be contacting you for information.
Please submit the information as soon as possible as much of this will be time sensitive. Thank you for all of your work and assistance!!!

In service,


Kingdom Exchequer