Exchequer’s Letter, April AS LII

Greetings unto the Exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom

As my time in office grows short, my successor, Lady Rhiannon Blaiddwen, and I would like to invite all interested individuals to send their applications for the following offices:

♦ Deputy Kingdom Exchequer for the College of Heralds:
Responsible for cash management and reporting for the MK College of Heralds

♦ Deputy Kingdom Exchequer for PayPal:
Oversees the ePay system in the MK including training exchequers and reservationists, sending invoices and receiving payments, reconciling the PayPal and registration records for events.

♦ Deputy Kingdom Exchequer for Training:
Offers exchequer training classes and classes to other officers and the populace throughout the Middle Kingdom on a regular basis. Classes should be offered in every region of the Kingdom at least once every six months allowing for full warranting of new exchequers.

♦ South Oaken and Pentamere Regional Exchequer:
Oversee the timely reporting (monthly and event) of groups in the region, collect and review monthly and event reports, act as a resource for group exchequers.

We would like to encourage all members of the populace to think about serving as exchequers. The role of the exchequer is essential to having a thriving group. They serve as the financial administrator in concert with the other officers and members.

If you can balance your own checkbook and use a computer, then you have the skills to be a group exchequer in our kingdom. The exchequer reconciles the group’s checkbook, enters any expenses or income, and makes sure that everything balances along the way. During most months, many groups don’t have a lot of activity so the workload is fairly small. Once a month, you send in the information to the regional exchequer. When your group has an event, there is a little more going on because you may be writing checks to rent a site, reimburse other group members, or stock the cash box for the gate. And you will have to take the deposit from the event to the bank.

You may have heard that the Middle Kingdom requires monthly reporting. This is true, but for most groups, it’s not all that much extra work. After all, every group in the SCA has to reconcile the bank account every month; we just ask that you also show us what income and expenses you had. We ask that our exchequers do this because we have found that it is easier to see errors and issues on a monthly basis and fix them early rather than waiting for a quarterly report and then having to backtrack. (I do it for the Kingdom accounts every month so that I stay in balance, too.)

Please seek us out if you have any questions or are interested. We will be offering classes as the year goes on, not only for exchequers but for the general populace as well.

In service,
Kingdom Exchequer