News of the Arts & Sciences, April AS LII

Greetings from Mistress Una Wynifreed Berry to the people of the Middle Kingdom

There are rumors of war this coming summer. Preparation for Pennsic War has started. We will need the artisans of the Kingdom to help win the A&S war point. There are 3 categories: Arts & Studio Crafts, Fiber & Clothing, and Domestic & Pre-17th century Objects. There will no consumables, performances or research papers entered. We will not be using our criteria. However, more details will follow soon as to the rubric that will be used. There will be a team of 10, including allies. Any artisan may enter including Laurels. There will be a display by the artisans who wish to be members of our team at Simple Day.

I am looking forward to seeing our youth and families of the kingdom at “It Takes My Child to Raze a Village.” They have It Takes My Child to Teach a Class Track featuring instructors who are 8-17 years old. Most of these classes are 1/2 an hour long. Subject matter includes such as chainmail bracelets, rhythm & beat, kumihimo, and more! There will also be a “Tournament of Arts, Jr.” Laurels and Members of the Order of the Evergreen will meet with Youth in Divisions I, II and III to advise and discuss their arts and/or science projects for about ten minutes per person.

We have many events with variety of Arts and Sciences happening within the Kingdom. I look forward to seeing the clothing, armor, banners and food at all our events. Stone Gray Inn will have classes in “FABLIEAUX or Tavern Tales,” “What’s that hat? A beginner’s guide to the awards and titles of the SCA,” and “An Example of 14th Century Jewish Illumination.” There will also be a Casual Brewing & Vinting competition. Terpsichore at the Tower XXIV is one of premier dance events in the Kingdom. Border Raids looks to be exciting as well with “Early period arts display,” “Weaving through the ages”, interactive display, period woodworking display, and classes.

I would like to thank everyone who made Southern Oaken and Constellation Arts and Sciences Fairs successful. Thank you to the Marche of the Winged Hills and the Barony of Sternfeld for hosting. and to the judges, the entrants, and fair staff for all their hard work. I am looking forward to seeing all the great entries that are following Arts and Sciences fairs:

April 14 – Pentamere –The Canton of Nordheim
April 21 – Midland – The Shire of Ravenslake

The links for the new criteria and rules are located on the KMOAS Page. Your Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences will be glad to help you if you have questions. We need entrants and judges to sign up a week before the fair. We also need people to be runners, monitors, and assistants in the tally room. Please contact the Regional MOAS officer if you can help. All are welcome at any time during the fair to look at the entries.

I would like to thank Master Aine Ruadh (Deb Hooper) for serving as Northern Oaken Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences. She plans to step down at the end of May. I have this position posted on the Job board in The Pale. Please apply.

Have fun and make stuff! Please keep learning and sharing what you learn.
Mistress Una Wynifreed Berry
Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences