Heraldic News, April AS LII


As the weather gets warmer, our thoughts turn to the rumours of War in AEthelmearc. Please consider spending time at the Heralds’ Point at Pennsic. We are always in need of people to color submissions and consult with clients. Anyone with a simple knowledge of heraldry, which we can teach you, can colour.

We have finally filled all the open positions in the College of Heralds and Scribes. That happened right after I took over the office. Duchess Kateryn Bronwen of Gloucester has been chosen as our new Minister of Protocol. Dame Estelle de la Mer has been chosen as Rouge Scarpe Herald to handle external submissions.

Speaking of Rouge Scarpe, we have started to use Slack as a workspace for our internal decision meetings. If you would like to be included or see the process, please contact me or Dame Estelle. The decision meeting is the Tuesday after commentary on the letter has closed.

I would like to see all Regional Heralds have a deputy in place by Crown Tournament. Also at Crown Tournament, the Warrant Roster will again be signed. To ensure you are a warranted herald, please remember to report by 30 March. Regional Heralds must report by 15 April.

In Service to the Crowns and College of Heralds and Scribes of the Middle Kingdom.
Jean Yves de Chierebourg
Dragon Herald