From the Minister of Youth, April AS LII

There are some great things coming this year, and I can’t wait any longer to share them with you!

Lady Artemisia Votera, Dean of Page School, sends greetings and great news!

She writes:

“After much anticipation, it is my extreme pleasure to announce the completion of revisions to the Middle Kingdom’s Page School Handbook. Thank you to all those who assisted in getting this new installment in place. To view a copy of the revised handbook, please visit this link.

Please keep an eye open for classes at events which will review the Page School program and answer any
questions you might have. It will be a wonderful class for parents and youth officers to attend.”

Thank you Lady Artemisia for your hard work! Any questions or comments in regards to Page School can be directed to Artemisia by e-mailing her at .

After a lot of work and organization, background checks are becoming more efficient! In December, Lady Siobhan an Einigh of Connacht became my deputy and has made it very easy to get the process moving for everyone as well as keeping those who are about to expire up to date. If you have any questions about background checks or when yours expires, please contact Siobhan at .

Youth laws and policies can be confusing. If you are running a demo, an activity, or are working with youth in a way that you are unsure of what Society requires, please contact a Local Officer, Regional Officer, or me who can assist you in getting the information you need.

In the coming months you’ll see more information coming out from the Youth Office in regards to youth policy, classes for youth as well as adults, updated website that functions not only for officers but also youth and parents, and much more!

Bantiarna Ceara inghean Mhuirgheasa
Middle Kingdom Youth Officer