From the Kingdom Earl Marshal – May, AS LIII

Unto all who read these words, greetings!

I’m happy to welcome Sir Farthegn on as the new KEQ. It’s been an extreme pleasure to work with him as the Midrealm Army general and as a peer with great wisdom and insight.

A hugely important THANK YOU to Mistress Zuriel for all the hard work that has taken place in the equestrian community over the past years and getting the publications written, reviewed, and approved.

It’s a pleasure to announce the Equestrian Handbook has been approved along with the Youth rapier rules. I hope to have links on the kingdom website ASAP.

We’re gonna have a little shake up in the Thrown Weapons Dept. It has come to my attention that people have been in office for a very long, long, long time. I’ll be taking applications for Kingdom deputies.

More importantly, I would like thank all the Thrown Weapons marshals for having safe and fun practices and events over the years. It has been a great enjoyment for the populace and for my personal family to experience the thrill. Many hours have been spent at the range for the enjoyment of everyone. Thank you and well done, marshals.