Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences Letter – May, AS LIII

Greetings from Mistress Una Wynifreed Berry to the people of the Middle Kingdom,

I would like to thank everyone who made Pentamere and Midlands Arts and Sciences Fairs successful. Thank you to the Canton of Nordheim and the Shire of Ravenslake for hosting, and to the judges, the entrants, and fair staff for all your hard work. I will start the process of letting people know who is moving forward to Kingdom A&S fair by May 4, 2018.

The links for the new criteria and rules are located on the KMoAS Page. Your Kingdom Minister of Arts and Science will be glad to help you if you have questions. We need entrants and judges to sign up a week before the Kingdom A&S fair. We also need people to be runners, monitors, and assistants in the tally room. Please contact me, the Kingdom MoAS officer if you can help. All are welcome at any time during the fair to look at the entries.

Starting in May there will be an MoAS training class taught at an event near you by your KMoAS. All Ministers of Arts and Sciences must attend this class by December 1, 2018. This will become part of your warrant.

Thank you to the MoAS who have turned in their reports. Thank you to all the Regional MoAS who turned in their reports and rosters. Lady Ejva Haerulfskona has accepted the position of Reporting Deputy. So, things will be changing by the next reporting dates.

Duchess Annelyse Van Gavere and THL Kateline Crowe have accepted to position of Survey Deputies.

Have fun and make stuff! Please keep learning and sharing what you learn.

Máistir Una Wynifreed Berry