Dragon Herald Pale Letter, August AS LII


I hope this missive finds you well, and you are finding ways to cool down as we head into the heat of Pennsic. While at War, if you find yourself wanting some shade, the Heralds’ Point is always in need of artists and people to color submissions. We have shade, fans, and a place to charge your cell phone. I would like to congratulate Lady Ragna stórráða Úlfsdóttir, our new Escutcheon Herald. Please send her your heraldic submissions at:

Middle Kingdom College of Heralds

c/o Nicole Turk
13812 York Blvd,
Garfield Heights, OH 44125

We are looking for a new Pale Herald. Dame Alys Katherine wishes to step down after nearly 16 years of service in this important and valuable office. The Pale Herald is  responsible for scheduling Court Heralds, and cross checking the court reports, before they are submitted to the The Pale. If you enjoy organizing and scheduling and are  interested in this office, please email me () and Dame Alys Katherines (). I would like to have a new Pale Herald in place before Fall Coronation.

Also, it is summer out there, folks… stay hydrated!

In Service to the Dragon Thrones and the Middle Kingdom College of Heralds,
Jean Yves de Chierebourg, Dragon Herald