From Their Highnesses, October, AS LIII

Mighty Children of the Dragon,

Pennsic has come and gone, and We now settle into our Harvesting Season in the Middle Kingdom. Our parents, Noble King Alric and Our Mother, Dread Queen, Katherine, will soon retire to their Winter Years and We will ascend the Dragon Thrones. Our Coronation day approaches quickly, when we, A’Kos and Bella, Heirs to the Dragon Thrones, will become King and Queen. We look forward to serving Our Kingdom; We do so with joy in Our Hearts, and easiness in Our Spirit.

At Pennsic, we enjoyed Ourselves tremendously. We renewed friendships and acquaintances. We established stronger familial bonds with Our chosen families. The Battles were fought; some were won, some lost. However, what was NEVER once lost by our Fierce Midrealm was Heart. There was a tremendous outpouring of Heart and Passion in EVERYTHING that Our Populace did!

We were asked to attend the Middle/East Youth Tourney, which we did, gladly. Those children,all of those children, were fierce and competitive, but showed compassion and comradery without regard for what Kingdom they were from. They, the youngsters of the Society, are Our future. We know that Our future Heirs will keep the Dream and the Realm safe and secure.

The A&S War Point was PHENOMENAL! We are quite pleased with the contributions the Artisans of the Middle submitted. Our A&S community continues to astound Us with the beautiful art that is produced on a daily basis. We are very impressed, yet not surprised, by the work of the artisans, for We see it and hear it every day.

Our Duties took Us to the archery and thrown weapons fields as well. We had a BALL out there. The passion and heart are what impressed us the most in both communities! The archers gladly spent time with Us and the Populace, teaching how to shoot, properly and safely. The targets were challenging to say the least. On the thrown weapons field, His Highness and I had a friendly challenge against Their Highnesses of the East. We had a lot of fun with Our Cousins to the East, and shared, not only the friendly competition, but also plenty of giggles! Thank you, Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke and Vienna de la Mer, Prince and Princess of the East. We look forward to your Friendship in the coming years!

Next, We are impressed by Our Mighty Midrealm Army! You gave your all on the battlefield; sweat, blood and tears did not stop Our Army, and the Heart of the Dragon was shown in all of the tourneys and battles. Most important to Us, was the comradery and the compassion shown on and off the field. When a fighter came off, limping or ready to drop from the heat—it was not just one person who came to their aid, it was MANY! We again, are not surprised by Our Kingdom’s behavior. We ALL have Our Own reasons to play and take part in the Dream, and it takes many hands to help make that dream a reality. Compassion for Our fellows, passions for various arts and sciences or the marshalled community, tending to Our Youth, and caring for others, whether with a smile or a helping hand, a fan or a bottle of water, is what makes Our Kingdom, Our Society so great!

We are proud to be the Dragon Heirs, for now. Yet, Our time is short as Prince and Princess. Our thoughts turn to Our own Heirs, and who will rule the Dragon Thrones after we take Our Voyage to the Southern Lands and our Aging homestead. Middle Kingdom, Our Missive has been set out for Our Crown Tourney in Our Oaken Territory for the end of October. Your letters of Petition need to reach Us and Our Seneschal by Our Coronation Day on September 22nd.

The Heart and Joy of the Mighty Dragon of Midrealm is strong! Our love flows over filled for Our people of the Kingdom. We may rest easy- under Our Noble Parents’ guidance and loving hands for a while more. Midrealm, we are safe. Rest your battle weary, sun-baked, bodies for now, and rest well you must. Be ever wary. Have heart, Our Beloved Midrealm!
Well done, Children of the Dragon! Draco Invictus!

The Dragon Heirs,
Prince AKos and Princess Bella