New Kingdom Website


You may have heard rumblings and rumors that a new version of is coming soon. These rumors are TRUE! I am happy to announce a redesigned website and services site that will make doing the business of the Kingdom easier, information will be searchable, and reduce the number of passwords and accounts everyone maintains. The new site is going to be live by September 29th, 2018 (Coronation weekend).

What’s changing

The current website is being replaced with a WordPress-based site as the “front door”, a searchable library of documents, and a services site for things like the Order of Precedence, Award Recommendations, Officer and Group information, and Officer Reporting. The sites are responsive and will work on mobile devices as well as desktop browsers. Officers will now only need to go to one spot to do ALL of their reporting and it simplifies the reporting process by doing away with having to enter your personal information each time you file a report. You can update your personal information once and it’s there for any reporting needs.

Instead of having officer pages full of links to documents, documents have been entered into a document library and will allow you to search the contents of the document to more quickly find documents you need, as well as categorizing each document in order to group documents by office without having redundancy. For example, there is no need to have a change of officer form document on every officer page. One in a “general” category will do. This way, updates will be more accurate and less work. One of the neat features of the new services site is that you will be able to rearrange and filter information in tabular reports and then save that formatting for your use later. This gives you, the user, much more control in how you interact with the system so that it works best for you.

What’s not changing (at the moment)

The Peerage Orders will continue using the existing sites. That said, there is a project underway to rework those sites as well. Existing data will still be available on the old server for a while, if needed, until we’re sure we have everything moved over. It just will not be accessible using the old links.

How to learn to use the new system

There will be help documents in the site as well as several how-to videos showing how to use each part of the application, and general usage of the services site. We have also set up an email address at to request help in the event that a problem has been found. This account will be monitored by several individuals that can help troubleshoot an issue.

In conclusion, I would ask that people be patient as we switch over. We are doing our best to ensure that the change-over will be as smooth as possible. That said, I expect there will be a few bumps in the road.

Further updates will be posted on Facebook and the Midrealm Gazette about the timing of the go live with the site. Certain applications will be “frozen” so that we can migrate the data. Any changes made after that “freeze” date will need to be reentered into the new system.

This project has been several years in the making and a great many challenges were overcome to get to this point. We still have other things we would like to do after we switch over on the 29th, and we’ll address those in good order in the new system. We have a solid foundation to build on and I am confident this will help streamline how we do things in the Middle Kingdom.

In service, I remain,
Master Rijckaert vanUtrecht
Middle Kingdom Web Minister