From the Kingdom Minister of A&S – October AS LIII

Greetings to the people of the Middle Kingdom from Máistreacht Una.

There is a new Kingdom Competition called A Distant Mirror. It will be taking a place at Coronation on September 29 in Howell, Michigan. A Distant Mirror is a contest, a snapshot of objects from history. Hold a mirror to an ancient object and bring it to life. Create a piece of history that looks, tastes, or sounds as if it came from a time in the distant mirror. Use a picture, illumination, or written description as your inspiration. The goal is appearance, taste, sound of a brand-new thing. Judging will be based on appearance, taste, or sound. What to use and how you created your piece will not be considered in the judging. The link to register and send in your information is

Their Royal Highnesses of the Middle Kingdom, A’kos and Bella, will also host a display of the largesse given by the people of the Midrealm at Their Coronation on September 29th . Registration for the Largesse Display is We will be having a Largesse Displays at future coronations.

Local, Baronial and Regional Ministers of Arts and Sciences classes will be held at many events. This class is required for all Ministers of Arts and Sciences. Anyone may attend. Deputy Ministers of Arts and Science are encouraged to come. It also will be offered as video conferencing class.

Please let your local Minister of Arts and Science know what you have been doing in the way of Arts and Sciences. Examples include making armor, making clothing, teaching or taking classes, hold dance or music practices and many other activities.

The quarterly reports for July, August and September of 2018 are due. Cantons, Colleges, Marches and Shires MoAS quarterly reports are due on October 1. Baronial MoAS quarterly report is due on October 15. Regional MoAS quarterly report is due on November 1. Incipient groups are NOT required to report monthly. All quarterly reports should be sent to your Regional officer. Baronial and Regional officers must get local group reports. Links are available from .

October has events with Arts and Science activities happening in every region in our kingdom.

The Regalis Universitas Mediterraneae, hereafter called RUM, was established within the Middle Kingdom for the dissemination of knowledge and information regarding the historical Middle Ages and Renaissance together with the history, traditions, and customs of the Middle Kingdom. It will be on November 17 at Incipient Shire of Grenemere in Celina, Ohio. To register to teach or take class go to The event site is

So many chances to learn, compete, make stuff, and have fun,
Máistreacht Una Wynifreed Berry