A&S Minister’s Letter for November

Greetings to the people of the Middle Kingdom from Máistreacht Una.

There was a new Competition called “A Distant Mirror” at Coronation. We had four entries create an object using a picture, illumination, or written description. The goal was to create the appearance of a brand-new object as pictured. Any local group can hold the A Distant Mirror contest. I hope this contest happens at least four times a year.

I would like to thank Mistress Anthoinette de Martel, Mistress Asalah al-Hina, and Mistress Isabel Moundoghter for their work running this Distance Mirror contest and the Coronation Largess display. It was wonderful to see our artisans create objects to be handed out by the Crown.

Thank you, Mistress Arrienne, for your service as Midland’s Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences. THL Mwynwen Ysginidd will be acting Midland regional MoAS until we go through the selection process. If you are interested in applying, please send your SCA resume and modern information to and by November 30, 2018.

We have several events coming up that are centered around a specific art. It is great fun for people to truly geek out about their art. The Bards and Performing Artists will be at Bardic Madness XX. The cooks and brewers will be at Brewing, Bread, and Other Things: A Cook’s Symposium. The dancers will be at Crystal Ball XXXV.

The Regalis Universitas Mediterraneae, called RUM, is an educational event. It consists of classes in Introductions and Experiments, Literary and Performing Arts, SCA Topics, Historic Topics, Youth Education, Technical and Studio Arts, and Textiles and Domestic Arts. The event site is http://grenemere.org/events/rum/.

So many chances to learn, compete, display and get feedback.

Have fun and make stuff,
Máistreacht Una Wynifreed