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News of the arts and sciences.

From the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, January AS LII

Greetings from Sofya Chyudskaya Smolyanina to the good people of our kingdom! As we wrap up one year and look ahead to the next, here are many exciting new developments I wish to share with you.

First, the Spring A&S Faire approaches—and in addition to the new A&S rules (which you can find on the KMOAS website), we have revamped all the criteria. My biggest advice to entrants is to read the criteria carefully, especially for those of you who are familiar with the older versions and want to be aware of any changes in your chosen categories. Here are some main points about the changes: (more…)

Arts & Sciences News, November AS LII

Greetings to all the Artists, Performers, Inventors, Researchers, Craftspersons, Makers, Writers and Composers of the Middle Kingdom! 

We are finally ready for the Spring Regional A&S Faire Season. All the Faires that have been scheduled are listed on the KMOAS page at All the Criteria have been reviewed, and many corrections and changes have been approved. The new set of Criteria will be available on December 1, 2017. Make sure you are familiar with the rules for this year! I know many of you are hard at work on projects that will become entries in the Faires this year. I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing things and seeing the research and exploration that is going on all over the Kingdom!  (more…)

From TRH Cellach & Vukasin – Tournament of the Arts

A Tournament of the Arts (ToA)

Let it be known to all and sundry that We, the Crown of the Middle Kingdom, being stalwart supporters of the talented craftsfolk who create such magnificent works of art and inspiring acts of science, are minded to create a new forum for the display of the same—namely, a Tournament of the Arts.

Much like the Chivalry and the Defenders of the Kingdom strive to test the mettle of unbelted warriors through their respective tournaments, the Laurels of the Kingdom shall challenge all artisans to assemble and bring their finest work for evaluation, critiques, and admiration.

Understand that this is not a competition; this is a new endeavor to allow Laurels and artisans to connect and discuss their shared passion for the arts.

The TOA is a new platform for artisans to gain word-fame for their research, craftsmanship and ambition. Come and impress Us, our Order of the Laurel and your fellow craftsfolk! (more…)

From Their Highnesses — A&S Champion

At Coronation We will be holding an Arts and Science display to determine who will be the next Kingdom Arts and Science Champion. Bring your best, recent, work for the display. Documentation is always nice, but is not required for this contest. The winner will be chosen by Us and will be invited to serve as the A&S Champion. We would expect that artisan to support and encourage the arts during Our Reign and to stand with Us in Court.

If you have any questions or concerns please let Us know.

Cellach and Vukasin
Tanist and Tanista of the Midrealm

Pennsic A&S War Point

Greetings, MidRealm!

As announced this past Sunday at Crown Tournament, these are the children of the dragon who will represent the Kingdom at the Pennsic A&S War Point this year:

Mistress Cerridwen Verch Ioreword
Master AEric Orvender (Christopher Lemke)
Alternates: Mistress Katherine Helene von Schoenberg (Helen Schultz) & Mistress Keely the Tinker (Denise Tinker Lemke) (more…)

Missive from Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, June LII

Greetings to all the Artists, Performers, Inventors, Researchers, Craftspersons, Makers, Writers and Composers of the Middle Kingdom!

We have concluded another superlative A&S season in the Midrealm, with more than 100 (virtually all) of the regional entrees being eligible for inclusion in the Kingdom A&S Faire. Thank you to all of those who participated in making this Faire season happen, all the entrants, judges, regional and tally room staff, and of course the groups and events who were willing to support our faires. (more…)

From the Minister of Arts & Sciences – A&S Faires!

Greetings to all the Artisans, Craftspersons, Inventors, Creators, Dancers, Singers, Actors, Players, Writers, Smiths, Brewers, Fabricators and Merrymakers of the MIdrealm!

Arts and Sciences Faire Season is underway!

February 4, 2017, Constellation Regional A&S Faire/Better War Through Archery, Barony of Sternfeld, Danville, IN, Is COMPLETED, and all eight entries are eligible to go on to the Kingdom Faire!

We have FOUR more Regional Faires: (more…)

From the Kingdom A&S Minister, including scheduling for the upcoming A&S Faires!

Greetings, Artisans, Scientists, Craftspersons and Performers of the Midrealm!

Do you make things that you can eat or drink or see or hear? If so, King Edmund wants YOU! His Majesty will be hosting a fantastic and fierce A&S Competition at Pentamere 12th Night, January 7, 2017, in the Barony of Cynnabar, Howell, MI. See the Event Page for the latest details. Bring your best work and your highest scholarship!

It is time to look for a new RUM Chancellor! If you are interested, please submit an SCA resume and cover letter to .

ARTS & SCIENCES Regional A&S Season is now upon us! I am excited about the Faire Season! Registration for Entrants and Judges is NOW OPEN as of January 1, 2017! (more…)

From the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences

Greetings to the Artisans, Craftspersons, Performers and Scientists of the Kingdom!moas_75x75

All the Regional A&S Faires have been scheduled for Spring 2017:

  • February 4, 2017, Constellation Regional A&S Faire/Better War Through Archery, Barony of Sternfeld, Danville, IN
  • March 11, 2017, Pentamere Regional Faire, Barony of Northwoods, Howell MI
  • March 25, 2017 Midlands Regional Faire, Incipient Shire of Rúnviðarstaðr, Warren IL
  • April 1, 2017, North Oaken Regional Faire, Shire of Rivenvale, Warren OH
  • April 22, 2017, South Oaken Regional Faire, Barony of the Flame, Louisville KY

Pentathlons and Divisional entries must be entered in the region in which the entrant resides. All other entries are welcome at any Regional Faire, no matter where the entrant lives, HOWEVER — this year, if you plan on entering a Regional Faire that is not in the region in which you live, you must let your RMOAS know that you plan to enter at another Region’s Faire, and why. (We’re tracking this information to serve the Faire Community better!) (more…)