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Mock A&S Faire at Festival of Maidens

Just a reminder that the upcoming Festival of Maidens is going to have a Mock A&S Faire! This is a great opportunity for those who are new to the faire system to bring in a potential entry — unfinished or finished, or even just documentation — and get specific advice to help prepare it for the real thing. We’ll also have a class on how to enter that covers writing the documentation and what else to expect. If you have an idea for an entry, you should come!

From the Queen: Selecting the Second A&S Champion 

Greetings unto the people of the MidRealm from your Tsar and Tsarina!

At this past RUM We held the first of Her Royal Majesty’s A&S challenges. We were excited to see how many people participated — 43 total entries, including six performances! We were overwhelmed by the amazing skill of the craftspeople of Our Kingdom! We saw everything from sugar paste to metalwork to food to illumination to a pair of period undies! In the end, it was Breddelwyn ap Taliesin who stood out with his inspiring tale as he accompanied himself on the harp. He is our Green Champion. Hoobah!

And now, it is time to select our second champion! The theme of the second challenge is “Heart.” As with the previous challenge, you are free to create any sort of entry that you believe best articulates “heart.”


Windmaster’s Hill ‘Cooks & Performer’s Symposium’ Proceedings

The University of Atlantia has graciously made available a single PDF called “CAPS Symposium Proceedings,” a collection of *most* of the class handouts from the University of Atlantia’s event Cooks and Performers Symposium: CAPS Symposium Proceedings [PDF file] (This document was the one file on the CD that was handed out as the site token.)

This document as a whole and the individual handouts are licensed for reproduction under the Creative Commons ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike International’ License. Please respect the copyright and license of each of these works by reading what these licenses mean here:

More information on the event can be found here:


A note regarding the Queen’s A&S Challenges

We recently announced the Queen’s A&S Challenge. The question has arisen as to what Our expectations are for the ultimate winners of Her Royal Majesty’s three challenges.

It is Our intention that each person stand as an example for the A&S community. They should continue their exploration of the arts as they are able and to support the arts in their region to the best of their ability. They are, of course, welcome to stand in Our Court and be part of the Royal retinue. However, We do not expect any of the champions to travel as extensively as Us.

So please, if you have questions feel free to ask! As RUM is coming up soon, please sign up for the Challenge!

Tsarina Serena

A&S Challenge for Val Day

Creative_crop-500Greetings Creative and Innovative Gentles. I am Mistress Enid d’Auliere and the coordinator for A&S at Val Day this coming year. I am announcing a new arts display category for this year’s display. We’re displaying Fabulous Fakes! Or innovative and creative ways to solve SCA problems, often using modern materials or methods.

This is connected to the 10% challenge, upgrading your kit in innovative ways to look more medieval. We’ve all done it, found ways to make something modern into something that looks medieval. Use modern materials and modern methods to change those materials into something fabulous and period looking. I’ve done it myself. Let’s show off our creativity and innovation.

Remember, Creativity isn’t just our middle name!

Three Hills Cook’s Symposium and Retreat

The Cook’s Symposium and Retreat is Coming!!

If you don’t already know about it, but love food, cooking and history? come out and join us for as many as 3 days of food, fun and frivolity at the Cook’s Symposium. Learn, Teach and get to know the cooks of the Middle Kingdom and beyond. Costs are very low but the rewards can’t be measured; Friday night Brewing and Vinting Show and Tell and Pumpkin Carving Contest, Saturday classes and Pot Luck and Sunday will conclude with a tour of a Heritage Apple Farm and a farm-to-table lunch.

Join us for a weekend of learning and camaraderie. We are looking for a variety of teachers and presenters for general classes, themed classes, outdoor cooking classes, etc. Please submit a class proposal to  by October 15, 2015. Space will be limited.

October 30 – November 1, 2015

Tzarina Serena’s A&S Challenge

We will be selecting three A&S Champions, each chosen by a separate challenge. Each challenge will have a specific theme. The projects made for each challenge should incorporate the selected theme.

The projects submitted for the first challenge will be judged by Tzarina Serena at Midrealm Fall RUM on November 21 in The Shire of Narrental in Our Barony of Rivenstar. Documentation is desired, but is not required. To assure that there is ample time to view all the entries, performance entries shall be limited to two minutes in length. In order to win the Champion position, the entrant must be present in evening court at RUM.

The theme for the first challenge is “green”. The theme for the second challenge will be announced in evening court at RUM.

Best of luck to all. Be creative! Have fun making green related things!

TRM Nikolai and Serena

A&S 50 Display at RUM

It is with great pleasure that we announce that a major exhibition of the Final A&S 50 Challenge projects for the Constellation Region will be at RUM this year. (Nov. 21, Peru, IN). Anyone who has worked on an A&S 50 Project is welcome to display it at RUM. Please send your SCA name, mundane name, email address, and space requirement for your display to Waldetrudis von Metten (Kimetha Loidolt or ).