From the Kingdom A&S Minister, including scheduling for the upcoming A&S Faires!

Greetings, Artisans, Scientists, Craftspersons and Performers of the Midrealm!

Do you make things that you can eat or drink or see or hear? If so, King Edmund wants YOU! His Majesty will be hosting a fantastic and fierce A&S Competition at Pentamere 12th Night, January 7, 2017, in the Barony of Cynnabar, Howell, MI. See the Event Page for the latest details. Bring your best work and your highest scholarship!

It is time to look for a new RUM Chancellor! If you are interested, please submit an SCA resume and cover letter to .

ARTS & SCIENCES Regional A&S Season is now upon us! I am excited about the Faire Season! Registration for Entrants and Judges is NOW OPEN as of January 1, 2017! (more…)

From the Kingdom Seneschal, February AS L

Let’s talk about event scheduling.

The Middle Kingdom is fortunate to have more than eighty local groups and thousands of members. Our longstanding law is groups are not typically allowed to hold events within 100 miles of one another. The kingdom Calendar Secretary is instructed to inform groups if an event is within 200 miles and/or in the same region of an event that is already scheduled. The purpose is to help bring potential conflicts to mind. The intent is to help Shires and Baronies be aware they may be impacted in terms of attendance. Currently, groups are not prohibited if the events are scheduled at least 101 miles away from each other. However, a law change is under consideration to change the “100-mile rule” to 150 miles. Commentary, concerns, and discussion can be sent to me at . (more…)

Coronation News

Citizens of the Midrealm, I bring news!

Their Highnesses Cameron and Amalie have chosen to hold Their Coronation in Their Barony of Shadowed Stars!

I would like to thank those groups who submitted bids for Coronation this round.

A Reminder: Crown Tournament bids are due no later than Midnight ONE week from today! If you need additional time to finalize some details, you must contact me before the deadline so I know to expect a bid. Otherwise, I will go from the bids I have by the deadline.

HL Gwalchmai ap Bledig called Maleachi
Kingdom Event Coordinator

Rendezvous at the Bridge XXVI

Rendezvous at the Bridge XXVI
October 23-25, 2015
Lincoln State Park, Lincoln City, Indiana

The Shire of Riviere Constelle invites you to celebrate the Battle of Stamford Bridge.


  • Armored Combat: Friday torchlight tourney starting at about 9 PM (weather permitting); Saturday: William Marshal Style prize tourney and melees
  • Fencing:  Authorizations and prize tourney.
  • Classes:  The Battle of Bannockburn, Beginning Brewing and Wine Tasting, Glass Ornament Blowing, Painting Fabric Folds, Hands-on Knitting, The Bayeux Tapestry and the Battle of Hastings, An Overview of 16th Century Handknitting, Needle Felting, Period Bead Research & Beaded Flowers.
  • Populace-vote A&S contests for adults and youth.
  • Bead Rescue
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Merchants are welcome and there is no fee!
  • Silent Auction to raise money for our indoor winter fighting site
  • Barter Town
  • Other Activities: Harald Hardraada Piñata for children, Dancing and Campfire/Bardic Circle!
  • Hot English Breakfast, Lunch and Feast are available and very affordable.
  • Cabins on-site are available, but filling fast! Camping is available in the campground, but not in the SCA area.

For more information, please see our web page at or on Facebook at

Facebook Event Coordinator Announced.

Greetings Middle Kingdom!

We would like to help groups use the *official* SCA Kingdom of the Middle Facebook group to keep their events top of mind as they get closer. So, our kingdom calendar secretary, Kemma Quatremaine (Kim Kieffer) has agreed to create events on *this* page for events within the kingdom. Then, so the appropriate people can keep those events updated, the event steward and group seneschal will also be made “hosts” of that event. After the initial set up, Kemma will not do anything else with your group’s event. That’s up to the event steward and seneschal, or whomever is delegated to maintain the event notice. (more…)

Fall Coronation and Crown Tourney Event Sites Chosen

Citizens of the Midrealm!

Their Royal Highnesses Nikolai and Serena have chosen the sites of Their Coronation and Crown Tournaments!

Coronation will be held in the Barony of Cleflands and Crown Tournament will be held in the Barony of Brendoken.

Thank you to all who submitted bids to host these events.

In Service to the Midrealm,
HL Gwalchmai ap Bledig, called Maleachi
Kingdom Event Coordinator