Court Reports

What happened at Court?

Midrealm Court Reports – May 2017

Regency Court of Their Majesties William and Isolde, presided over by Their Excellencies Ulfr and Odile of Sternfeld, held on 13 May AS 52 (CE 2017) at Constellation Academy of Defense in the Shire of Mynydd Seren. Heralded by Damian Nihthauk. Seneschal was Taisiia (Tai) Volodimerna.

  • Purple Fret: Alan Culross, Melrakki
  • Willow: Yngerame Erskyne
  • Bronze Ring: Titus Sharper


Court Reports, November – December, AS LI

Court of Her Majesty Kateryn, 13 November AS 51 (CE 2016), held at Fall Harvest in Dun Traigh.
Heralded by Chaya-Simcha bat Yonah. Seneschal was Katelin Crowe.

  • AoA: Carmen of Fearann na Criche, Katrina End Starre, Ulfarna Kjellen
  • Purple Fret: Sigurdr Sigvardson
  • Willow: Elena Khitraia Anton’eva doch’
  • Court Barony: Cedach na Muir, Meabh ingen Carthaig
  • Baron of Donnershafen: Ivar Volfkr
  • Baroness of Donnershafen: Marina Ivarskona


Court Reports, September – November AS LI

Court of Their Majesties Cameron II and Amalie II, 10 September AS 51 (CE 2016), held at Harvest Days in Their Barony of Flaming Gryphon.herald_75x75
Heralded by Mughain nic Cairt Ciannact. Seneschal was Phillip the Pilgrim.

AoA: Liefr Monsson Red Company: Gustuv von Atzinger
Gold Mace: Gilchryst MacPearsian
Court Barony: Branwen of Red Spears
KSCA: Bran Atte Rowen, Angus Drummond
Order of Defense: Vincent Furnier
Laurel: Aeric Ovender (more…)

Court Reports, September-October AS LI

Last Court of Their Majesties Cameron II and Amalie II, 24 September AS 51 (CE 2016), held at the Coronation of Edmund V and Kateryn V, in Their Shire of Narrental.
Heralded by Konrad Mailander. Seneschal was Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh.

Vanguard: Seto Gesshuko, Nerissa della Badessa, Colin MacNish, Lisabetta von Atzinger, Ursula Mortimer, Cadogan Blades, Ullr Vindstygge, Savaric de Pardieu, Cellach mac Cormaic, Donas McNair, Cecil de Tuereleone, Kristoff Münch, Peter Grau von Bremen, Leila the Red, Henry Best, Sara Hasenkamp
Doe’s Grace: Cadogan Blaydes
Court Baron: Peter Grau von Bremen
Crown: Edmund of Hertford
Crown: Kateryn Bronwen of Gloucester (more…)

Court Reports for August and September, AS LI

Court of Their Majesties Cameron and Amalie, 27 August AS 51 (CE 2016), held at Baroness Wars in Their Shire of Swordcliffe.
Heralded by Alexander de Seton, Dafydd Blaidd, Bran Chandler.
Seneschal was Caitriona Mac Dhonnachaidh.

AoA: Hansel de Solo, Chardonnay de Solo
Cavendish Knot: Wendell of Dark River, Lucius Antonius Ursus
Purple Fret: Eva Wurster
Royal Augmentation (three Adams at a table, bickering): Adam Carmychel, Adam Comyn, Adhamh MacAiodh Court Barony: Wilhelm Michalik, Alzbeta Michalik Baron (Illiton): John Inchingham the Fool Baroness (Illiton): Maire ingen Dauith
Pelican: Petrona da Manciano, Kendrick Cameron, Justice McArtain (more…)

Middle Kingdom Court Reports – May / June AS 51

Court of Their Majesties Cameron II and Amalie II, 29 May AS 51 (CE 2016)
held at Spring Crown Tournament in Their Shire of Mynydd Seren.
Heralded by Konrad Mailander, Dafydd Blaidd, Alexander de Seaton. Seneschals were Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh, Henry Best.

Sapphire: Bran Atte Rowan
AoA: Kadem bint Kismet, Emmeline Vancaster
Evergreen: Henry of Exeter
Court Baron: Odo von Atzinger
Tanist: Edmund of Hertford
Tanista: Kateryn Bronwen of Glouchester (more…)

Court Reports for May, AS LI

Final Court of Their Majesties Nikolai and Serena, 7 May AS 51 (CE 2016)
held at Coronation in Their Barony of Shadowed Stars.
Heralded by Vorlin o’r Gwig, Spurius Furius Germanus, Estelle de la Mer, and Edward Aelredson. Seneschal was Caitriona Mac Dhonnachaidh.

  • Royal Vanguard: Honor von Atzinger, Azriel Le Fey, Tariq al Sanna Af Fjall, Magnus Refsson
  • Royal Augmentation: Lily Carver (a goutte de sang), Lynette la Rousse (a goutte de sang), Milesent Vibert (a dragonfly Or)
  • Crown: Cameron of Beckenham
  • Crown: Amalie of Beckenham