Crown Tourney

From Their Royal Highnesses, Concerning Crown Tourney

Greetings to the populace of the Middle Kingdom!

In a few months We will be ascending to the Dragon Throne of the Middle Kingdom.

The first duty of a Sovereign is to see to the care and future of the Kingdom. As such, We must secure Our heirs. We will be holding Our Crown Tournament on May 27, 2018, in the the Shire of Mynydd Seren. The tournament will be fought as a standard double elimination. Each round will consist of one fight. The finals will be best three out of five bouts, with no repeating weapon forms. The highest on the Order of Precedence will choose the first weapon form to fight with, and the consort of the loser of each consecutive round will choose the next weapon form. (more…)

Court Reports – December-January, AS LII

Court of Their Majesties Cellach and Vukasin, held in Regency by Their Highnesses Alric and Katherine, 16 December AS 52 (CE 2017), at St. Nicholas Tourney in the Barony of the White Waters.
Heralded by Sebastian Hunzicker, Brynniulfr Herleifsson. Seneschal was Sylvertree.

  • Dragon’s Barb: Torvald Swakhammer
  • Purple Fret: Elspeth Glendonwyn of Kirkaldy, Giuliana Lucia Solari, Gwyneth na Fenin, Sylvertree, Sigenandus Blitz

Amendment to the court report for Their Majesties William and Isolde, 10 June AS 52 (CE 2017), held at Northern Oaken War Maneuvers in Falcon’s Quarry.
Heralded by Dmitrii Zhirov, Guillaume Gallatini, Anna of the Western Hill, Kateline Eliot, Ginevra Boscoli, Sorcha Fraser. Seneschals were Cadfan of Cleftlands, Derran le Breton.

  • AoA: Finnvardr Grissom Mjorksiglandi (more…)

Crown Tourney List

People of the Middle Kingdom – We William and Isolde, King and Queen of the Dragon Realm would have you know the entrants in our Crown Tournament to be held on Sunday May 28th in our Barony of Shadowed Stars. For the procession order, the member of the couple with the highest precedence shall determine the position in line. Here is the list of combatants: (more…)

Crown Tournament Requirements

From Their Royal Highnesses to the Populace of the Midrealm, Greetings!

We are accepting requests to fight in our Crown Tournament on May 27-28 in the Barony of Shadowed Stars (Fort Wayne, IN). We request that all warriors, sound of wind and limb, with armor and weapons in good repair submit their letters of intent to ourselves via our email with copy to . You must submit your letter of intent to fight, the person whose favor you will bear that day, proof of membership that extends until the second week of May 2018 and copies of both your modern identification with pictures (scanned image PDFs are acceptable). We will be accepting letters to fight up until the end of the day at our Coronation in the Barony of Flaming Gryphon May 6, 2017 (held in Lebanon, OH). These documents must also be sent to the Kingdom Seneschal at to be counted as well. (more…)

From Their Royal Highnesses – Crown List Info

Greetings from William and Isolde, Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom.

As we continue our travels, we greatly appreciate those who have taken the time to give us counsel, commentary and recommendations. We would like to reiterate—you do not need to be a peer or “someone important” to come and talk to us. We are here to serve the Crown and the Kingdom and hope you will feel free to come and chat with us at least to say hello and introduce yourselves. (more…)

Bids for Spring Coronation, Crown Tournament Solicited

Citizens of the Middle Kingdom!

With the announcement of the Crown Tournament list, it also means that bidding for the spring Royalty events is now open!

Spring Coronation bids must be turned into myself and Dame Caitriona no later than November 6th at Midnight.

Spring Crown Tournament and Kingdom A&S bids must be turned into myself and Dame Caitriona no later than November 20th.

These dates are also listed on the Kingdom event calendar as a reminder.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or would like input on a bid before you officially submit it.

In service,

Maleachi Wulfhart, OP vigilant

Kingdom Event Coordinator

Fall Crown List Announced

Greeting noble populace of the Midrealm, Their Royal Majesties. As you know We have announced a Crown Tournament to determine Our Heirs, that noble couple who will succeed Us on the Dragon Thrones.

Know now the names of those who have been accepted to compete for that most high office as first servants of the kingdom:

Duke Talymar gan y Lluwynn for Her Excellency Mistress Melisande de Marmande

Duke Palymar of the Two Baronies for Captain Magrat Cate

Earl Lutr Ulfskjald for Countess Tessa of Wight

Count Savair de Pardieu for Countess Julianna de Pardieu

Countess Vukasin of Lozengia for Count Cellach mac Cormaic

Viscount Leif Gray Fox Haakonson for Viscountess Astrid of the Yellow Rose

HE Sir Osmundus Thorkelsson for HE Mistess Gwyneth Banfhidhleir

HE Sir William of Fairhaven for Mistress Isolde de la Ramee

Sir Ixtilixochitl de los Indios for Mistress Margharita Alessia

HE Master Gunther von Stein for HE Mistess Maria Teresa Robeiro dos Santos

HE Sir Straum von Bairzog for Baroness Ute von Munchen

HE Sir Stevyn Silverthorne of Drachenmoor for HE Mistress Chai’usun of the Moritu

Sir Ustad Hasan al Hajjii Sovalye for Lady Rowen Hen Enaid

Sir Alric of the Mists for Dona Katherine Vivian

HE Syr Gunnar Redboar for Baroness Finepopla Gunnarswif

Pan Zygmunt Nadratowski for Baroness Maddie McRae

Sir Robert ap Llywelyn for Lady Maddolina Lucia di Martino da Perugi

Sir A’Kos of Roaring Wastes for THL Bella Roision O’Coilleain

Captain Victor Loc Sant de Dormit for HE Mistress Keiley Duchem

Sir Odo on Atzinger for Warder Lisabetta Temperani

Sgt Gilebert le Bracceur de Dijon for Mistress Helena Sybilla

Sir Wigthegn the Younger for Lady Neassa O’Cathasaigh

HE Sir Gebhard Rauten for Baroness Katayoun Al-Aurvataspa

Master Justice McArtain for Lady Victoria Elizabeth Stonewall

His Lordship Kira Kojirou Tokiakira for Baroness Katarina Peregrine

Baron Edward Aelredson for Baroness Geniveve Rose de Glendalough

Baron Hengist Hawardessune for Baroness Hypathia of Inish Mor

Captain Christian Luuk von Brabrant for Baroness Aurora Balint

Captain Dyderich Wolfhart for THL Odette d’Amboise

Sgt Susanah Herst for THL Edyth Miller

Lord Brisi Thorgrimsson for Lady Moda Afidottir

Lord Gideon Ha-Khazar for Lady Idon of Sheffield

Lord Angus Blake for Lady Lucia of Pferdestadt