News concerning equestrian activities.

From the Kingdom Earl Marshal, re: Equestrian Activities

Unto all whom read these words, greetings.

The Middle Kingdom is fortunate to have “the horse capital of the world” in its borders. Across our great kingdom we are blessed with 4-H fair grounds, county fairs with rodeos, and state and national parks that all cater to horse activities. The horse has had a huge impact on medieval culture, warfare, idea exchange, farming and many other aspects of medieval life. The Marshals have been reaching out to many current SCA horse owners, trainers, horse enthusiasts, some with frustration, some with safety concerns but most expressing a huge love for our kingdom and horses. It was also felt necessary to wait until the end of the riding/equestrian season to implement any changes for the upcoming season. (more…)

Equestrian Authorizations Update

Greetings Middle Kingdom riders!!

The database on the Middle Kingdom website is in the process of being updated to reflect the new authorization levels (currently it is from the old system). That being said, I will need a list of everyone that is authorized and in what. I have a very incomplete list and need to hear from everyone that is authed. Since I have no way to get in touch with many of you, I need your help! (more…)

Update to Equestrians membership requirement

Effective immediately – You are no longer required to have an SCA membership to ride at Official practices (unless you are authorizing at a practice). You also no longer need to have a membership to ground crew. You will still be required to have a valid SCA membership to authorize and ride at events. We are keeping more in line with heavy fighting/rapier. All participants must still sign the equestrian waiver if they wish to participate in equestrian activities, including ground crewing.

If you have printed off the 2015 handbook, just get a marker and cross out the requirement for ground crew/practices. I will be updating the handbook and re-releasing it in the next few days.

Baroness Zuriel Aurelius Nightshade, Middle Kingdom Equestrian Officer