News of events, scheduling changes, etc.

Call for Performers at Coronation!

Greetings fellow performers, musicians, and bards!

Their Royal Highnesses William and Isolde’s Coronation is fast approaching. With that in mind there must be celebration! Music! Stories!! Laughter and tears!!!

Please note – there will be a space for performing artists to book time next to the Arts & Science area at this event. (more…)

Bards, Entertainers Sought for Crown Tourney

Their Majesties call any entertainers who wish to perform at feast after Crown Tournament to volunteer. I am looking for two background instrumentalists (one of whom is already Michael Breddelwyn Peterson) and three featured performers. Their Majesties prefer songs that are not sad, should you be a singer. Any performer may apply. Featured performances should not exceed six minutes. Please enquire by contacting me on Facebook. 
In service, 
Andreas Blacwode

Crown Feast Entertainment Coordinator

Bids for Spring Coronation, Crown Tournament Solicited

Citizens of the Middle Kingdom!

With the announcement of the Crown Tournament list, it also means that bidding for the spring Royalty events is now open!

Spring Coronation bids must be turned into myself and Dame Caitriona no later than November 6th at Midnight.

Spring Crown Tournament and Kingdom A&S bids must be turned into myself and Dame Caitriona no later than November 20th.

These dates are also listed on the Kingdom event calendar as a reminder.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or would like input on a bid before you officially submit it.

In service,

Maleachi Wulfhart, OP vigilant

Kingdom Event Coordinator

Late News: Red Dragon Update

Regarding Red Dragon Weatherreddragon50

The current forecast calls for a 35-40% chance of rain from 2:00 to 7:00 PM on Saturday, per Intellicast, Wunderground and The weather forecast has been a serious moving target for the past week, going from dry to deluge and everywhere in between, sometimes on an hourly basis.

We are going with the main outdoor plan at this time. Armored combat, rapier, archery, thrown weapons, and youth combat should plan to be outside as previously discussed at the staff meetings. Marshals: consider adjusting your tournament schedules to get as much in as possible earlier in the day.

Be advised: the ground is wet as we’ve had rain all this week in Columbus. I’ll be at the site this afternoon to check on the various outdoor venues. (Marshals: the site is available from 3:30 to 5:00 PM today if you want to stop by and look at your venues.) (more…)

Baron Illiton Calls for Assistance

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

I, Wilhelm, Baron, holding in fief from the Dragon Throne the lands of Illiton and Lochmorrow, send Greetings and Salutations.

It has become clear to my mind that the peace and tranquility of the Midlands Region, in which reside the lands and fief of Illiton and Lochmorrow, are threatened by the sinister machinations of persons or agencies unknown. Even the stability of the Kontare League and the hard-won unity of the Baronies of the Midlands, established and maintained from antiquity by ancient treaty is endangered by these unknown provocateurs.


Help Make Midrealm Banners for SCA 50

The call has gone out across the Middle Kingdom for Midrealm banners that can be donated to the Kingdom to be flown throughout the skies of the SCA 50 event.

The Region of Constellation has heard the call and will be setting up a banner painting section at this May’s Swine and Roses.

The event will set up an area where the populace can learn the basics of silk painting on Constellation banners, that will then be donated to the Kingdom.

In addition, silk painting kits will available for people to make their own personal banners.

Please join the Barony of White Waters on May 21st to help create as many Baronial, Constellation, and Populace banners as possible.

Martial Activities at N. Oaken A&S

Did you know there will be Martial activities at North Oaken A&S?

There is! And it’s going to be amazing! We have put together a day of skill building and tournaments combined with some ridiculous fun.

Here is a small example of things planned:


  • There will be a Armored Tournament. The exact format will vary depending on the number of fighters who are interested. There will be decent prizes.
  • Small group Melee tournament with teams of 3 or 5 depending on the number of fighters who come.


  • Duke Edmund has offered to give 1 on 1 time and coaching to any fighters wishing to improve their fight.
  • Baron Gephard will be teaching a class called: “Simple things you can do to get hit less, and maybe hit someone else more”. This is a collection of tips figured out over a decade of using his face to block. (Tip #1 don’t block with your face) He’s boiled them down into a simple theory that should help anyone who is new or feels they have plateaued and is looking for a new prospective on the fight. Works great with all weapon forms.
  • Baron Gephard give a preview of the “Polearm for Unbelted Champions” class he’ll be teaching at Martial RUM, if people are interested.


  • We will have a huge game of Dodge Axe planned. It is exactly like it sounds, amazing!

There will be plenty of time to get in pick-ups and one on one time with our very deep local talent pool, like Count Cellach and Vigilant Machonna.