Kingdom News

Court Reports, September – November AS LI

Court of Their Majesties Cameron II and Amalie II, 10 September AS 51 (CE 2016), held at Harvest Days in Their Barony of Flaming Gryphon.herald_75x75
Heralded by Mughain nic Cairt Ciannact. Seneschal was Phillip the Pilgrim.

AoA: Liefr Monsson Red Company: Gustuv von Atzinger
Gold Mace: Gilchryst MacPearsian
Court Barony: Branwen of Red Spears
KSCA: Bran Atte Rowen, Angus Drummond
Order of Defense: Vincent Furnier
Laurel: Aeric Ovender (more…)

From the Midrealm Chronicler, January AS LI

Greetings, all!chronicler_75x75

May this missive find you all well as you gather around the hearth with friends and family for the Twelfth Night season.

The winners of the William Blackfox Award for A.S. 50 were announced recently. These annual awards honor excellence in publications for the entire Society, and cover publications that appeared between May 2015 and May 2016.

There are two sets of awards, one for local newsletters and one for kingdom newsletters. A winner and commendation is selected for each category. Let’s look at the local awards first. (more…)

Kingdom Law Changes

Law Changes Read into evening Court 9/24/2016 at Coronation in the Shire of Narrental

III-108 The Great Lords and Ladies of State are: Kingdom Seneschal, Dragon Herald, Earl Marshal, Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, Kingdom Chronicler, Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer and Kingdom Chatelaine.

VI-501 No person under 18 years of age may fight or be fought for in any Crown Tournament in the Middle Kingdom. Emancipated minors may be exempted at the discretion of the Crown on a case-by-case basis, but proof of emancipation is required.

Midrealm Law Changes

Law Changes Read into evening Court 9/24/2016 at Coronation in the Shire of Narrental

  • III-108 The Great Lords and Ladies of State are: Kingdom Seneschal, Dragon Herald, Earl Marshal, Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, Kingdom Chronicler, Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer and Kingdom Chatelaine.
  • VI-501 No person under 18 years of age may fight or be fought for in any Crown Tournament in the Middle Kingdom. Emancipated minors may be exempted at the discretion of the Crown on a case-by-case basis, but proof of emancipation is required.  (more…)

Breaking Missive: Prince Edmund Feared Lost At Sea

Foul winds bring bad tidings as sad news has reached Our shores. As many of you know Our Heir, Prince Edmund, set out upon crusade to recover relics of the Midrealm pillaged by heathens from the east. While on this journey, the ship in which he sailed was engulfed in a tremendous storm and has not been seen since. It is feared lost at sea with no survivors.

This post will be updated with more news as it comes available. 

Request for Proposal – New Thrones

Greetings, Craftspeople of the Midrealm!

Your Minister of Regalia has been diligently working behind the scenes with Their Majesties and Curia to create a request for help.

Both Their Majesties’ and Their Highnesses’ travel thrones are used on an almost weekly basis, and both sets are starting to feel the wear of constant use. I have been given approval to start collecting bids for new thrones, to replace both sets. There are a few objectives we would like to have fulfilled with the new thrones.

  1. Wooden thrones – preferably a nice hard wood that will be able to take some abuse
  2. Able to be broken down into small pieces that can fit into a vehicle
  3. Comfortable
  4. Regal-looking
  5. Able to be maintained
  6. Ability to visually see a difference between Monarch and Tanist thrones and between male and female

All bids should include the following:

  1. Design (drawing, picture of similar designs, etc.)
  2. Cost
  3. Timeline to completion
  4. Small portfolio of other works by the artist

I will be collecting bids until August 15. Please submit all bids, questions, thoughts, etc. to Please share this request with anyone that might be interested in helping create new regalia for your Middle Kingdom.

Baroness Finepopla (Poppy)

From the Midrealm Historian

Greetings Midrealm!

As I continue to work on building a representation of our Kingdom’s history, I beg for your inspiration yet again. If you were looking at a list of the great Kings and Queens of the Middle Kingdom, what information would you want to know about their reigns? I am leaving this open-ended, so please feel free to send an email to . I cannot promise to include everything, and it will most likely start simple in the beginning and I can grow it over time. But, I am interested in hearing from YOU! Please post/send comments by this upcoming Friday, March 4th.

Thank you,
Lady Marissa von Atzinger
Midrealm Historian