From the New Kingdom Chatelain

Hail and well met to all who read this missive!

I am Jack Black of Flint, successor to Maestra Giovanna Adimari, as your Kingdom Chatelain. I thank Maestra Giovanna for her years of effort on behalf of the Kingdom and populace, as well as the trust that she and our Curia are placing in me. ((Here’s hoping I live up to it! *laughs*)) (more…)

Kingdom Chatelaine’s Letter, February LI

Greetings to all from your Kingdom Chatelaine! As we start a new year, brave the cold, and look forward to warmer months, it is also time for me to look for a replacement as Kingdom Chatelaine. It has been a fantastic couple of years working with the Kingdom, becoming a Great Officer of State, meeting and assisting countless newcomers and getting to know so many of you – thank you very much for this opportunity! I am still and will always be a Chatelaine.

The Chatelaine’s Office is responsible for helping develop, support, encourage and strategically create best practices for recruitment and retention within the Society for Creative Anachronism. Recruitment is central to the maintenance and growth of our Society, but also equally important, is the continued presence and participation of existing members. (more…)

Greetings from your Kingdom Chatelaine

Greetings from your Kingdom Chatelaine, Mistress Giovanna Adimari!

Hello! I wanted to take a moment to talk about being a Chatelaine and why having this position within your group matters. Noticed I didn’t say Office. Sure, it is fantastic if you have a designated officer who is your Chatelaine, and if you don’t have one – I entirely encourage you to do so!

But what I am talking about here is having someone, or some people, who take up the mantle of being a Chatelaine for your local group, and are actively working to help bring in newcomers and KEEP THEM! (more…)