From the Exchequers, June AS LIII

Greetings and farewell unto the exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom,

I want to thank the Kingdom – exchequers, populace, fellow Curia members, and the royalty I have served – for allowing me the privilege of serving as the Middle Kingdom Exchequer over the past two years. Thank you to the group exchequers who have adjusted to the new reporting schedule that was implemented right before I stepped up. Thank you for the work that you do on a daily basis within your groups. I know that it can be a thankless job but I want you to know that you are appreciated.

Thank you most especially to my immediate deputies – the Regional Exchequers and the Kingdom Deputies. The good gentles that have held these roles are the glue that help everything stay together.  They are your pipeline to this office and vice versa.

We accomplished much and I know that I leave the Kingdom in excellent hands with Lady Rhiannon Blaiddwen. I remain in the service of the Crown and Kingdom.

Kingdom Exchequer (Outgoing) (more…)

Exchequer’s Letter, April AS LII

Greetings unto the Exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom

As my time in office grows short, my successor, Lady Rhiannon Blaiddwen, and I would like to invite all interested individuals to send their applications for the following offices:

♦ Deputy Kingdom Exchequer for the College of Heralds:
Responsible for cash management and reporting for the MK College of Heralds

♦ Deputy Kingdom Exchequer for PayPal:
Oversees the ePay system in the MK including training exchequers and reservationists, sending invoices and receiving payments, reconciling the PayPal and registration records for events.

♦ Deputy Kingdom Exchequer for Training:
Offers exchequer training classes and classes to other officers and the populace throughout the Middle Kingdom on a regular basis. Classes should be offered in every region of the Kingdom at least once every six months allowing for full warranting of new exchequers.

♦ South Oaken and Pentamere Regional Exchequer:
Oversee the timely reporting (monthly and event) of groups in the region, collect and review monthly and event reports, act as a resource for group exchequers. (more…)

From the Kingdom Exchequer, February AS LII

Greetings unto the exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom,

As the new year begins, changes come to the Middle Kingdom…

I began my term as Middle Kingdom exchequer in May 2016, and, as the year 2018 arrives, the end of my term is heralded. I will step down from this position in May at the Coronation of Their Highnesses, Alric and Katherine. I am happy to announce that we have, as a Curia, chosen a strong candidate to succeed me – Lady Rhiannon Blaiddwen. Lady Rhiannon is the current Barony of Red Spears exchequer and has a wealth of modern world experience that ensures that the Kingdom is in good hands as I step away. Please assist me in welcoming her! (more…)

Exchequer’s Missive, November AS LII

Greetings unto the exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom, A few announcements…

• A new draft of the Middle Kingdom Financial Policies is being reviewed by the Curia. The new version has been rewritten to be more reader-friendly. There have not been significant changes to existing policy; however, there has been clarification and expansion of some of the sections. With Curia approval, it will be forwarded to the SCA Board of Directors for review and approval and then posted for public use. (more…)

Kingdom Exchequer’s Letter, October AS LII

Greetings unto the exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom

By the time you read this, we should have had the first of our regional exchequer meetings at Harvest Days (South Oaken). If you were not able to attend, but will be at one of the other scheduled regional meetings, please feel free to attend. If you are not able to attend any of the five meetings that are scheduled this fall, please contact me to make other arrangements. (more…)

From the Exchequer – September LII

Greetings unto the exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their summer and if you attended Pennsic War that you enjoyed that as well.

During the next few months, I will be hosting regional exchequer meetings that all exchequers from within that region need to attend. The meetings will be held at the same events at which I will be teaching the exchequer class that is required for warranting.The meetings and classes for each region will be held at the following events: (more…)

Exchecquer’s Letter – August LII

Greetings unto the Exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom

Monthly reporting: Each and every group must both reconcile their bank accounts and report to their seneschal and regional exchequer every month (as well as their baronial exchequer if applicable). There are still groups that are not reporting as required. You may have received a warning from your regional regarding the reporting non-compliance. If you do not come into compliance with monthly reporting, your group will be put on financial probation or recommended for suspension. Specific exchequers who continue to not comply may have their warrant revoked. (more…)

The Kingdom Exchequer Speaks!

Greetings unto the Exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom.

I am excited to say that our PayPal Deputy Exchequer, Alays Salle (), held the first Epay training class at Ceilidh in April. She will be visiting events in different regions of the Kingdom over the year to provide the training, but is also offering it as long distance training using an online system. Please contact her about taking the training course if you are interested in offering online advance registration for your event.

Due to the tremendous work of our local group exchequers, Regional Deputy Exchequers, and Domesday Deputy, we submitted our end-of-year reports to the Society within a timely manner. Please take a moment to say thank you to your local exchequers and join me in thanking the following deputies:

  • Constellation Regional – THL Elayne Gwenhlian De Belleme
  • Midlands Regional – Lady Bojei Temur (former) and Lady Gillian Eleanor of Roseholm (current) North/South Oaken Regional – THL Ooyama Tarou Hideyasu
  • Pentamere Regional Exchquer – Lord Tristan Bartolo de la Vega
and a special thanks to the Domesday deputy THL Ooyama Tarou Hideyasu who takes all the information given to him, checks it, and consolidates it to send to the Society.

Unfortunately, I do also need to take a moment to reiterate the necessity of reporting in a timely manner to your regional exchequers. It is a requirement to submit monthly financial reports to the regional exchequer by the end of the following month, i.e., January financial report is due by February 28. This has been in place since early in 2016 and will be enforced (especially now that Domesday season is over). Your regional exchequers will report to me by the 15th of each month with a list detailing which groups are complying with Kingdom policy. Groups not in compliance are subject to sanctions up to and including ineligibility to offer PayPal/Epay registration options, financial probation, and suspension.

I am always available to the exchequers and populace of the kingdom to answer any questions, follow up on any concerns, or offer training. Please feel free to contact me at at any time.

Yours in service,

Exchequer News, April AS LI (includes PayPal info!)

Greetings unto the Exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom:

First of all, I want to take a moment to thank all of the exchequers that have passed the baton over the past several months. In particular, I wanted to thank a few of my deputies who have stepped down over the past few months.

  • Lady Bojei Temur who has served as the Midlands exchequer over the past few years. She is moving on to become our Deputy Exchequer for Training.
  • Signora Elisabetta Morosini di Mettenini is stepping down as the Deputy Exchequer for Training to retire to her estates.
  • Lord Domnaill O’Hodrain was our NMR Deputy Exchequer and is still the local exchequer in the Shire of Cuil Cholium.

Thank you so much to all of you for your dedication and hard work over the years. You have my deep and abiding gratitude. (more…)

From the Kingdom Exchequer, January AS LI

exchequersmGreetings unto the Exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom

As you read this missive it is the beginning of a new calendar year and the end of our fiscal year. There have been changes over the past year to policies, procedures, and people in various positions. Some of these changes have been easy while others have been more challenging to implement and accept.

I understand that this is a volunteer organization and sometimes our “real lives” must take precedence over our SCA lives. I am in the same position as the rest of you – a full time job, family, and, in my case, a farm. When we decide to take on this position, we need to be cognizant of the responsibility that we are taking on with all of the attendant policies and procedures that we must follow. We must be the person who is communicating this information to our fellow officers and the populace at large. (more…)