Knights Marshal

From the Kingdom Earl Marshal – May, AS LIII

Unto all who read these words, greetings!

I’m happy to welcome Sir Farthegn on as the new KEQ. It’s been an extreme pleasure to work with him as the Midrealm Army general and as a peer with great wisdom and insight.

A hugely important THANK YOU to Mistress Zuriel for all the hard work that has taken place in the equestrian community over the past years and getting the publications written, reviewed, and approved. (more…)

From the Kingdom Earl Marshal, re: Equestrian Activities

Unto all whom read these words, greetings.

The Middle Kingdom is fortunate to have “the horse capital of the world” in its borders. Across our great kingdom we are blessed with 4-H fair grounds, county fairs with rodeos, and state and national parks that all cater to horse activities. The horse has had a huge impact on medieval culture, warfare, idea exchange, farming and many other aspects of medieval life. The Marshals have been reaching out to many current SCA horse owners, trainers, horse enthusiasts, some with frustration, some with safety concerns but most expressing a huge love for our kingdom and horses. It was also felt necessary to wait until the end of the riding/equestrian season to implement any changes for the upcoming season. (more…)

Missive from the Kingdom Earl Marshall

Draco Invictus!

We have a few minor rule changes to the Combat Archery.

  1. Fiberglass-shafted ammo: The red electrical tape around the point of the APD is not required.
  2. Fiberglass-shafted ammo does not have to be red. The color must contrast with the head and cannot be more than 10% yellow. This applies to the wrap around the base and the crossover.
  3. Tubular ammo: The duct tape covering the head does not have to be red. The tape must contrast the head and may not be more than 10% yellow.

Archery marshals will wear eye protection!

Cessation of all fighting if the Heat Index reaches 108. (more…)

Earl Marshal’s Letter, April AS LI


I would like to thank Sir Gebhard for all the hard work that continues to go into the database. We as Marshals, equestrians, rapier combatants, armored combatants and even hound handlers will now be able to make a color copy of our authorization paperwork. We will also implement being able to take a photo of the authorization paperwork and then sending it to Lady Bella the Clerk of the roster. She will accept this via email. The newly-authorized fighter will keep the original paperwork. This should allow for immediate updates to the database and streamline paperwork. (more…)

From The New Earl Marshal

Happy Yule!

I would like to thank all of the Marshals, Clerk of the Roster, List Ministers for all the hard work, time, reporting, and service that goes into making the SCA dream safely happen.

I would like to thank Sir Gregoire de Lyon for serving the Middle Kingdom as Earl Marshal. He helped coordinate the kingdom martial activities and answered so many questions on the various multi-media platforms during his very effective time as Earl Marshal.