Midrealm Job Board – Kingdom Seneschal

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Applications due by October 15, 2016 to . Please submit SCA and Modern professional qualifications as well as contact information for three references who would speak to your qualifications. The successful candidate will be announced by February 1, 2017 if not before. The candidate will be expected to serve two years from date of investiture (2017 to 2019) and could potentially extend their term up to 2020. (more…)

From the Society Seneschal – Contracts, Insurance, Equestrian Issues

From the Society Seneschal to all Group Seneschals, Event Stewards/Autocrats, and Equestrian Officers:

This is a formal communication from the Vice President of Operations, SCA Inc. (Society Seneschal) and must be implemented immediately.

1. In terms of contracts, only seneschals should be signing contracts for events or services. If the seneschal chooses to designate the autocrat/steward (i.e. a deputy seneschal) as the signatory to a contract, that contract must first be completely read and reviewed by the ranking seneschal before the ranking seneschal gives authority IN WRITING to the designated deputy (autocrat/steward). As such, the Kingdom Seneschal must review all contracts for Kingdom events, Principality Seneschal for Principality events or Baronial Seneschals for Baronial events; in terms of all other local events, the local group seneschal must review the contract for the event prior to granting the autocrat/steward the authority to sign the contract and this must be in writing. In the event the seneschal wishes to designate a deputy (autocrat/steward) to sign the contract, that signatory must be an actual and recognized/authorized deputy Seneschal with a valid membership (i.e. autocrat/steward) and said contract must be first reviewed by the ranking Seneschal (Kingdom Seneschal, Principality Seneschal, Baronial Seneschal et al.). (more…)

Fall Crown Tournament Letters of Intent To Be Submitted by Coronation

All letters of intent to compete in Crown Tournament must be submitted to Their Highnesses by Their Coronation Day. Likewise, you must also contact me, the Kingdom Seneschal, electronically with the following items for both the consort and combatant by that same date: scans of government issued photo ID indicating age and physical address, scans of SCA membership cards showing membership good through the end of the reign, meaning September 2017. The combatant must provide armored combat authorizations via card or a link to the current authorization database. You may contact me at

Thank you,
Caitriona, Kingdom Seneschal

Words from the Kingdom Seneschal, AS 50 (April 2016)

seneschal_75x75Remember when you started out at the Kids Table at holiday gatherings. Somehow, you never quite seem to get chair at the adult table. The adults get first dibs on the choice cuts. Your older cousin gets to ride up front in the family car because they have “time in grade,” and so on. And perhaps the older cousin got to do other stuff that you know you could do if you just had the chance. It was frustrating. Maybe you wanted to be the one who held the leash when the family dog got taken for walks. You wanted to be trusted with responsibilities so you could show how well you performed. You wanted to be given a chance.


From the Kingdom Seneschal, February AS L

Let’s talk about event scheduling.

The Middle Kingdom is fortunate to have more than eighty local groups and thousands of members. Our longstanding law is groups are not typically allowed to hold events within 100 miles of one another. The kingdom Calendar Secretary is instructed to inform groups if an event is within 200 miles and/or in the same region of an event that is already scheduled. The purpose is to help bring potential conflicts to mind. The intent is to help Shires and Baronies be aware they may be impacted in terms of attendance. Currently, groups are not prohibited if the events are scheduled at least 101 miles away from each other. However, a law change is under consideration to change the “100-mile rule” to 150 miles. Commentary, concerns, and discussion can be sent to me at . (more…)

From the Kingdom Exchecquer – Concerning Non-Member Surcharges

exchequersmJust in from the Kingdom Exchequer: If your group gives an event where you DO NOT charge a site fee, but you listed the event on the Calendar so it was/is an official event, you still need to file an NMS report showing attendance numbers for non-members along with ZERO site fee & ZERO non-member surcharge collected. This report will be submitted to the NMS deputy as usual. (more…)