Official Missives

Letters and Notices from Kingdom Officers

From the Kingdom Minister of A&S – October AS LIII

Greetings to the people of the Middle Kingdom from Máistreacht Una.

There is a new Kingdom Competition called A Distant Mirror. It will be taking a place at Coronation on September 29 in Howell, Michigan. A Distant Mirror is a contest, a snapshot of objects from history. Hold a mirror to an ancient object and bring it to life. Create a piece of history that looks, tastes, or sounds as if it came from a time in the distant mirror. Use a picture, illumination, or written description as your inspiration. The goal is appearance, taste, sound of a brand-new thing. Judging will be based on appearance, taste, or sound. What to use and how you created your piece will not be considered in the judging. The link to register and send in your information is

Their Royal Highnesses of the Middle Kingdom, A’kos and Bella, will also host a display of the largesse given by the people of the Midrealm at Their Coronation on September 29th . Registration for the Largesse Display is We will be having a Largesse Displays at future coronations. (more…)

Court Reports, August AS LIII

Courts of Their Majesties Alric and Katherine, held at Pennsic 47 AS 53 (CE 2018), in the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands, Kingdom of Æthelmearc.

Armored Field Battle, 6 August AS 53 (CE 2018). Heralded by Hosokawa Gentarou Masahiro. Seneschal was Katalena Ivaniaia Zhena Shishova.

  • Dragon’s Tooth: Alrekr Eiríksson

Woods Battle, 7 August AS 53 (CE 2018). Heralded by Hosokawa Gentarou Masahiro. Seneschal was was Brandr Lutrson.

  • Dragon’s Teeth: Pennsic 47 Armies of North Oaken and South Oaken, Pennsic 47 Kingdom Army of Avacal

Barony of St. Swithin’s Bog Camp (The Bog), 7 August AS 53 (CE 2018). Heralded by Hosokawa Gentarou Masahiro. Seneschal was Katalena Ivaniaia Zhena Shishova.

  • Court Barony: Hrothgierr Ivarsson

Armored Woods Battle, 8 August AS 53 (CE 2018). Heralded by Hosokawa Gentarou Masahiro. Seneschal was Ivan Shishov.

  • Dragon’s Teeth: Pennsic 47 Tuchux Rattan Fighters.

Pennsic Rapier Battles, 9 August AS 53 (CE 2018). Heralded by Hosokawa Gentarou Masahiro. Seneschal was Paulus Dyrrhachiou.

Rapier Woods Battle.

  • Dragon’s Teeth: Pennsic 47 Flaming Griffin Rapier Unit

Rapier Pillage Battle.

  • Dragon’s Teeth: Pennsic 47 Pentamere Rapier Unit, Pennsic 47 Falcon’s Quarry Rapier Unit
  • Dragon’s Tooth: Rotvald the Elder

Silent Court, 8 August AS 53 (CE 2018). Heralded by Jean Yves de Chierebourg. Seneschal was Katalena Ivaniaia Zhena Shishova.

  • Purple Fret: Adrian Les Fleurs

Midrealm Court, 9 August AS 53 (CE 2018). Heralded by Jean Yves de Chierebourg, Estelle de la Mer, Bernard the Nameless, Dmitrii Zhirov, Revekka bat Solomon. Seneschals were Katalena Ivaniaia Zhena Shishova, Ivan Shishov, Paulos tou Dyrrachiou.

  • Royal Augmentation (a Pear Or): Bianca di Michelato, Darius Lowen, Derian le Breton, John Roslyn the Ox, Mirabai sitt al-Sirr Sapphire: Melisande de Marmande
  • AoA: Leonidas
  • King’s Chalice: Verena Entenwirth
  • Red Company: Gaeting Ullrson, Tarquin Suspectus
  • Grant of Arms (with Dragon Crest): Justice McArtain
  • Evergreen: Brisi Thorgrimsson, Robert de Tyre
  • Gold Mace: Brandr Lutrson, Antarcus Valentior
  • Dragon’s Heart: Lothair Glenlogan, Eilis the Stone
  • Pelican: Hadley of Beckenham
  • Laurel: Aurelia Rosetti, Ísgerðr Gulkárr
  • KSCA: Haerulf Rifnabrok

Field Court, 10 August AS 53 (CE 2018). Heralded by Jean Yves de Chierebourg. Seneschal was Katalena Ivaniaia Zhena Shishova.

  • Dragon’s Tooth: Artair MacNeacail, Seto Gesshuko, Ivan Shisov, Gunther Isshauk, Sarah von Brandenburg, Schwartz Wilhelm von Eisenberg, Tonis van Driele, Lucia Elena Braganza

Field Court Addendum, 10 August AS 53 (CE 2018). Heralded by Jean Yves de Chierebourg. Seneschal was Katalena Ivaniaia Zhena Shishova.

  • Dragon’s Tooth: Calum MacDhaibhidh


New Kingdom Website


You may have heard rumblings and rumors that a new version of is coming soon. These rumors are TRUE! I am happy to announce a redesigned website and services site that will make doing the business of the Kingdom easier, information will be searchable, and reduce the number of passwords and accounts everyone maintains. The new site is going to be live by September 29th, 2018 (Coronation weekend). (more…)

From Their Highnesses, October, AS LIII

Mighty Children of the Dragon,

Pennsic has come and gone, and We now settle into our Harvesting Season in the Middle Kingdom. Our parents, Noble King Alric and Our Mother, Dread Queen, Katherine, will soon retire to their Winter Years and We will ascend the Dragon Thrones. Our Coronation day approaches quickly, when we, A’Kos and Bella, Heirs to the Dragon Thrones, will become King and Queen. We look forward to serving Our Kingdom; We do so with joy in Our Hearts, and easiness in Our Spirit.

At Pennsic, we enjoyed Ourselves tremendously. We renewed friendships and acquaintances. We established stronger familial bonds with Our chosen families. The Battles were fought; some were won, some lost. However, what was NEVER once lost by our Fierce Midrealm was Heart. There was a tremendous outpouring of Heart and Passion in EVERYTHING that Our Populace did! (more…)

From Their Highnesses, September AS LIII, Regarding Crown Tourney

Unto the Noble Populace of the Middle Kingdom, do We, Prince A’Kos and Princess Bella, send our greetings!

As many of our Warriors move hearth and kin to the battlefield of Pennsic to make War, We know Our Parents, the Dragon King, Alric, and Our Dread Mother, Queen Katherine, grow tired and will soon be ready to slumber in Their Winter Years, and We will be ascending the Dragon Thrones. Our minds turn to Our own Heirs. Who, of the Sons and Daughters of the Dragon, will heed the call to Serve?

We welcome those who wish to Honor their Inspiration, to attend and fight in Our Crown Tournament October 20th, 2018 in Our Beautiful Marche of Three Towers. Please submit your letters of intention by email to Us () and the Middle Kingdom Seneschal () by our Coronation day, September 29th, 2018. We do require both Combatant and Consort to hold at least an AoA level award, and for non-Peers of the Realm, please have a letter from a Peer who knows you and can attest to your Dedication and Courtesy, include this letter in your submission packet, please. Include in your email a copy of your state ID and proof of your valid SCA membership through the end of your potential reign. Do not take this endeavor lightly; know, and understand, you may win. Look to your Consort and discuss this matter fully, before you make your submission. We expect, nay, demand Honorable and Chivalrous behavior and fighting on, and off, the tournament field. (more…)

From the Kingdom Seneschal, August, AS LIII

Greetings to the Populace of the Middle Kingdom!

I am in the midst of a policy review and over the next several weeks will be asking for feedback on a variety of issues. Expect to see survey and feedback links on the Seneschal’s page on the Midrealm website ( Your input is requested and needed. Topics include officer term limits, required officers, baronial polling, and kingdom event bids. Curia looks forward to your feedback.

Thank you to all of you who volunteer to make all the demos, events, newsletters and webpages, art and practices happen every day. Nothing happens without the efforts of everyone involved.

Thank you.

Court Reports, March-April, AS LII

Court of Their Majesties Cellach and Vukasin, 24 March AS 52 (CE 2018), held at Keep Calm & Ceilidh On in Their Marche of Norborough. Heralded by Jerusha a’Laon. Seneschal was Jerusha a’Laon.

  • AoA: Aeschiene Ashgrove, Keith of Grenemere, Choi Minha, Katherine verch Meredyth, Griffin ap Lloyd, Laurentius le Rous
  • Purple Fret: Hraffn Ivarr, Yehoshua ben Abram
  • Silver Oak: Marjoire de ffeyrefeld
  • Evergreen: Elisabetta Foscari
  • Dragon’s Heart: Ingold of Flaming Gryphon
  • Court Barony: Olwen of Buckland


From the Exchequers, June AS LIII

Greetings and farewell unto the exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom,

I want to thank the Kingdom – exchequers, populace, fellow Curia members, and the royalty I have served – for allowing me the privilege of serving as the Middle Kingdom Exchequer over the past two years. Thank you to the group exchequers who have adjusted to the new reporting schedule that was implemented right before I stepped up. Thank you for the work that you do on a daily basis within your groups. I know that it can be a thankless job but I want you to know that you are appreciated.

Thank you most especially to my immediate deputies – the Regional Exchequers and the Kingdom Deputies. The good gentles that have held these roles are the glue that help everything stay together.  They are your pipeline to this office and vice versa.

We accomplished much and I know that I leave the Kingdom in excellent hands with Lady Rhiannon Blaiddwen. I remain in the service of the Crown and Kingdom.

Kingdom Exchequer (Outgoing) (more…)

From Their Royal Majesties, June, AS LIII

Greetings to the Noble Populace of the Midrealm!

We want to first thank Duchess Vukasin and Duke Cellach for their exemplary service to the kingdom as King and Queen and for their inspirational guidance while We were their heirs. It is with a heavy heart We bid them adieu and wish their Graces a peaceful and well deserved rest as they retire to their Duchy.

Coronation was a truly grand event and We would like to thank everyone who put in an effort to make it special. The event was a great triumph and the heart and hard work showed through. (more…)