Official Notices

Kingdom Law Changes

Law Changes Read into evening Court 9/24/2016 at Coronation in the Shire of Narrental

III-108 The Great Lords and Ladies of State are: Kingdom Seneschal, Dragon Herald, Earl Marshal, Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, Kingdom Chronicler, Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer and Kingdom Chatelaine.

VI-501 No person under 18 years of age may fight or be fought for in any Crown Tournament in the Middle Kingdom. Emancipated minors may be exempted at the discretion of the Crown on a case-by-case basis, but proof of emancipation is required.

Midrealm Law Changes

Law Changes Read into evening Court 9/24/2016 at Coronation in the Shire of Narrental

  • III-108 The Great Lords and Ladies of State are: Kingdom Seneschal, Dragon Herald, Earl Marshal, Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, Kingdom Chronicler, Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer and Kingdom Chatelaine.
  • VI-501 No person under 18 years of age may fight or be fought for in any Crown Tournament in the Middle Kingdom. Emancipated minors may be exempted at the discretion of the Crown on a case-by-case basis, but proof of emancipation is required.  (more…)

Midrealm Job Board – Kingdom Seneschal

Kingdom Seneschalseneschal_75x75

Applications due by October 15, 2016 to . Please submit SCA and Modern professional qualifications as well as contact information for three references who would speak to your qualifications. The successful candidate will be announced by February 1, 2017 if not before. The candidate will be expected to serve two years from date of investiture (2017 to 2019) and could potentially extend their term up to 2020. (more…)

From the Dragon Herald

Konrad, Dragon Herald

Konrad, Dragon Herald

Greetings unto the Midrealm College of Heralds and the populace of the Middle Kingdom from Meister Konrad Mailander,

It was my great pleasure to take over the office of the Dragon Herald at the Coronation of Their Majesties Cameron II and Amaile II. I look forward to serving the Middle Kingdom in this position. My thanks and the thanks of the Kingdom go to Baron Edward Aelredson for his service over the last two years as Dragon.

The bittersweet aspect of stepping up as Dragon Herald is that I need to hand over the office of Rouge Scarpe Herald. Of all the offices I have held in the Society Rouge Scarpe so far has been the most rewarding. The Rouge Scarpe Herald is the Middle Kingdom’s External Submissions herald. Applicants need to have internet access, experience consulting on names and armory, and an understanding of the heraldic submission process. Experience commenting in OSCAR is a definite plus. The Rouge Scarpe Herald uses the commentary received on Internal Letters of Intent to make decisions on items at the Kingdom level and then creates the Letter of Intent in OSCAR for the Laurel level with the item that are accepted at Kingdom. Time commitment varies with the size of the Internal Letters with a large bulk of the workload after Pennsic (Pennsic has accounted for 36-56% of the years submissions over my time in the office). I will be taking applications until June 15th and choosing a successor shortly after.

I must announce that the prices for submissions are being rolled back to what they were a decade ago. Often such a roll back is a savings but unfortunately in this case that is not true.

With the savings created when the College of Arms went to the Online System for Commentary and Response (OSCAR) in 2007 the Laurel Sovereign of Arms was able to reduce what was charged at the Society level from $4 to $3. At that time this savings was passed on and the submissions fees in the Midrealm dropped from $8 to $7. Starting with the September 2016 Letter of Intent the charge for submissions at the Laurel level will return to $4 an item due to increased costs over the last nine years. The Middle Kingdom is on the lower end of the fees Kingdoms charge for submissions. Having more and more of the process happening online has allowed us to keep the Midrealm portion of the fees the same but does not leave us the room to absorb the price increase at the Society level.

Therefore starting with items submitted in July the cost of a heraldic submission in the Middle Kingdom will return to $8.00 each. Since the Middle Kingdom does not charge at the Kingdom level for Augmentations of Arms those will be $4.00 each starting in July. Resubmissions remain free of charge with no time limit. (July submissions go on the August Internal Letter of Intent which if accepted at Kingdom goes onto the September Letter of Intent at Laurel level.)

I encourage any who are currently considering registering their name, device, or other heraldic items to not wait and submit them to Escutcheon before July at the current prices.

There are a couple recent changes made by my predecessors that I would like to make better known:

There is no longer a time limit for resubmissions. When you make a resubmission please remember to include the date it was returned and whether it was returned at Kingdom or Laurel level, if you can. I would also like to state that with the adoption of SENA, the new rules for submissions, in 2012 and some recent rulings by Laurel a lot of things that conflicted in the past no longer will. It may be worth your time to ask a herald to conflict check it again under the new rules if you had a name or armory returned for conflict before 2012 that you are still interested in registering.

For those that have received Augmentations of Arms from the Crown the cost to register those with in the Middle Kingdom has been reduced as the Kingdom waves the Midrealm portion of the fees. Note that you must have a name and device registered to register the augmentation of arms, those items can be submitted along with the augmentation if need be but they are subject to the normal submission fee.

In Service to Crown and College,

Konrad Dragon

Clerk of Precedence At Crown Tourney


By kind permission of Their Royal Majesties Cameron and Amalie, I will offer an on-site Order of Precedence correction desk at Their Crown Tourney on May 29. In the break following the conclusion of the Crown List and prior to evening Court, I will be available to perform immediate corrections to the Order of Precedence. Please consult the program or staff the day of the event for the location of my table. I will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • fix name spellings
  • combine multiple persona listings
  • update registration information
  • import awards from other Kingdoms to your current listing
  • remove duplicate awards
  • add omitted awards. In order to have awards added on-site, please bring a legible copy of the Court report as published in the Pale or a copy of your scroll. Additions requested without documentation will require off-site research.

In addition, I will happily teach folks how to use the OP to check awards.

My thanks to Their Highnesses and the Event Steward.

Petrona da Manciano
Clerk of Precedence

Call for Contenders for Crown Tournament

Crown Tournament is just about 2 months away. If you wish to participate in that endeavor, you must write to the Heirs at with your intent to compete.

Additionally, it is required to supply me with the appropriate documentation including membership for fighter and consort (that is good until at least October 2016, preferably until June of 2017), driver’s license or government ID showing birth month and year as well as current address, and authorization card. I will also need a valid email address and phone number.
This information can be sent to me at

These letters are due by Their Coronation Day, May 7, 2016.

In service,
Dame Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh
Kingdom Seneschal

BoD Decision on Chirurgeonate

Message from the President of the Society:

The decision has been made to close the Office of the Chirurgeonate as of August 10th, 2015. The board and corporate officers want to extend their gratitude for ALL who have served our organization in this capacity in the past.

To those who have provided feedback, questions, and worked to explore options for scopes of the office that would allow our organization to retain the office and maintain insurance coverage for the officers and our organization, many thanks as well.

To clarify some of the concerns that have been raised during the many discussions of this change, the board and corporate officers want to provide the following information:

The Society Seneschal has been directed to remove references to the Chirurgeonate from the Record Retention Policy. Existing records should be retained for 2 years for adults, 21 years for minors, then shredded to ensure any Personally Identifying Information is destroyed.

Local groups should sort records into Adult, Minor and Destroy categories and ship (paid for by the local group) records to the corporate office. The corporate office will retain records and handle the shredding.

Each Kingdom has thirty business days to transport these records to the corporate office.

Event Coordinators/Stewards/Autocrats are still responsible for arranging for EMS on site if that is required by municipal/county/state requirements. This most often will apply to large events projecting an attendance greater than the threshold set by the applicable modern agency. It is recommended to include information regarding distance from site to medical care in event announcements, particularly for camping events.

The marshallate will still be responsible for reporting injuries on the field. Seneschals will still be responsible for reporting injuries (particularly requiring transport) as currently directed.

Tangible assets owned by SCA branches that are specific to the Office of the Chirurgeon may be retained or donated or sold, in accordance with applicable financial policies.

Over the counter medications may not be purchased by SCA branches to distribute or make available to event attendees.

The badge of the fleam will remain available for those individual volunteers (not affiliated with the SCA, Inc. and its Kingdoms and local groups) willing to provide basic first aid.

Should additional questions or concerns regarding this change arise, please direct them to the SCA President, at

Our thanks again, to all the volunteers that have helped keep our organization going for 50 years!

Leslie Vaughn
President, SCA, Inc
A.J. Pongratz
Vice President of Operations, SCA, Inc.

Update on Pennsic Land

From the Mayor’s Office Regarding Campground Restrictions due to Weather Conditions

Be advised that these restrictions & closings only apply for PW44.

Due to abnormal rainfall this year some areas of Cooper’s Lake Campground are very wet and muddy (and have a high probability for vehicles becoming stuck). Due to that and potential complications of further rain, both before and during the event, the Mayor and the Land Staff are placing the following restrictions and closings into effect. See the list below to find out if your campsite is affected; on site look for Red Lines which will be painted around or within blocks denoting closed sections. (more…) updates


You may have heard that we are in the process of migrating our web services to new hardware. Well, those rumors are going to start becoming true.

The “Too Long; Didn’t Read” version: We’re doing things to in the coming weeks that may mean it’s down from time to time. Don’t panic.

The more detailed version:
In the next few weeks, the directory entries for all services (including any group hosted on will be moving to a new hosting solution. We are not moving the actual group files to the new system yet. To the end user, nothing will look different, but there may be brief times when access to will be limited. So as to not adversely impact the populace’s ability to get to group event sites and the Kingdom Calendar, we will avoid doing this work Thursday-Sunday. I will be posting further updates about exact times when this will be done as they become available. Status messages will be posted to the Facebook Page, the “SCA Kingdom of the Middle” Facebook discussion group, as well as the Midrealm Gazette. I thank you all in advance for your patience.

Once we are “stable” after that change, the really interesting work will begin. We will be moving group websites from their current location on to the new hosting solution. I will be working directly with each local web minister to assist in the migration and alerting the local group what is going on. These migrations will happen over the the span of several weeks (this is going to take a while with so many groups hosted on As we get to each group we will announce which group is being migrated. Again, during parts of the migration, the group’s site will be briefly unavailable and we will coordinate the migration to avoid major events the group is hosting. Again, i thank you in advance for your patience as we work through this.

I you have any questions or concerns (or would like to help), please contact me at

In service, I remain,
THL Rijckaert vanUtrecht
Middle Kingdom Web Minister

From the Kingdom Exchecquer – Concerning Non-Member Surcharges

exchequersmJust in from the Kingdom Exchequer: If your group gives an event where you DO NOT charge a site fee, but you listed the event on the Calendar so it was/is an official event, you still need to file an NMS report showing attendance numbers for non-members along with ZERO site fee & ZERO non-member surcharge collected. This report will be submitted to the NMS deputy as usual. (more…)