Society in the Real World

Documenting the history of the Society for Creative Anachronism

Now available at Amazon “Fifty Years of Re-creating the Middle Ages: A history of the Society for Creative Anachronism.” This is not a history of the kingdoms, baronies, households etc. that make up the Current Middle Ages. It’s the history of the organization, the movement and the people who make up the SCA and how it has grown and changed over the years; with a gorgeous cover by Merald Clark (Merowald de Sylveaston). Book by Steven Muhlberger, AKA Duke Finnvarr de Taahe.

Update on the Drakenfjord Songbook

The Ealdormere Gazette has been contacted by the compiler of the Drakenfjord songbook Bardic Babblings, Dame Katrin Karlsdöttir. She said:

I am very sorry to all whose works are in the Bardic babblings file currently up omn the Drakenfjord website. The Book is a copy of my personal lyric sheet collection with my annotations regarding where they all came from trimmed out and a few articles I was using to teach a bardic class It was never supposed to be published at all! Now that I am aware the files were thrown together and published I am working to get it taken down asap. I have taken the whole library down until everything can be checked for proper credits and permissions.

The Bardic Babbling file has been taken off the Drakenfjord page.

Reprinted from the Ealdormere Gazette.

Recreating the Middle Ages as They Should Have Been

Most people don’t have work colleagues who regularly come into the office with bruises and photos of their weekend clashes with armored warriors. But that was the case for Euan Forrester a few years ago, whose co-worker, he learned, was a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international group of 60,000 people who share a passion for recreating medieval culture.