From Their Royal Majesties – June LII

Greetings unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom.

As We travel the kingdom and see the preparations for Pennsic, We are well pleased. We see Our army and all its support will be in good trim for the coming con ict. And We also see the skill Our archers and artisans adding to the might of Our war band. This coming Pennsic offers Us the opportunity to participate on many levels and We hope all of you will join on in this noble pursuit. (more…)

Court Reports – January AS LI

Court of Their Majesties Edmund and Kateryn, 7 January AS 51 (CE 2017), held at Twelfth Night in Cynnabar. Heralded by Chaya-Simcha bat Yonah, Konrad Mailander, Eadred Alford. Seneschal was were Artemesia Voltera.

  • Baton: Katherine MacDermot
  • Dragon’s Treasure: Alexander von Lübeck
  • AoA: Bronach inghean Mathghama, Valgautr Ormstunga, Gandalfr Skeggje
  • Red Company: Louis le Coffrier, Kjell Smiðr
  • Purple Fret: Arriss End Starre
  • Willow: Rychesa Tkaczka, Una Uilebaine
  • Evergreen: JahanAra bint al-Yehya amat al-Hafeeza
  • Greenwood Company: William O’hAnain
  • Dragon’s Heart: Genoveva von Lübeck


Kingdom Chatelaine’s Letter, February LI

Greetings to all from your Kingdom Chatelaine! As we start a new year, brave the cold, and look forward to warmer months, it is also time for me to look for a replacement as Kingdom Chatelaine. It has been a fantastic couple of years working with the Kingdom, becoming a Great Officer of State, meeting and assisting countless newcomers and getting to know so many of you – thank you very much for this opportunity! I am still and will always be a Chatelaine.

The Chatelaine’s Office is responsible for helping develop, support, encourage and strategically create best practices for recruitment and retention within the Society for Creative Anachronism. Recruitment is central to the maintenance and growth of our Society, but also equally important, is the continued presence and participation of existing members. (more…)

Fundraiser Cookbook for Midrealm Royal at Pennsic

King sm crownMistress Keiley send greetings!

We have a very awesome opportunity to better outfit Midrealm Royal Encampment at Pennsic, and cut the work for the staff in half if not more, but we need your help. We need to raise some funds for a new storage trailer that can be brought to site and will cut down on our need for the Cooper’s trailer and or the use of personal trucks/trailers to haul items to site from the land of trailers off in the abyss! We also will be purchasing a food trailer that will make the kitchen easier for all to use for the meal plan of those camped in Royal as well as any parties such as the Known World party and any other needs that are deemed fit determined by the kitchen coordinator! This is such a fantastic idea and we need your assistance to make it a reality!

With that I would like to kick off this fantastic endeavor with a cook book by the Middle Kingdom’s populace. Period or non period foods, all will be welcomed as long as they are YUMMY! Please submit any recipe that you are proud to serve to guests with a category of Appetizers, Soup, Bread, Breakfast, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Desserts, and Divers Sundries! Please include your SCA name and group you are from! (more…)

From TRH to All Archers of the Midrealm

All toxophilites draw nigh and pay heed to this challenge of Edmund, 94th King of the Middle Kingdom (almost)

In the spirit of that most famous of archers, Robin Hood, I am minded to pull together a Merry Band of archers: skilled archers who are strong of arm, keen of eye, and generous of heart.

To that end, I challenge all archers to meet me on the line and prove yourselves worthy of this Merry Band. To join, you only have to do one simple thing. Beat me. At each event I attend I will take to the line and post a score. Any and all can shoot against my score, provided you demonstrate the generosity of Robin’s band by providing canned goods/non-perishable food items as your entry fee (all of which will be donated to the local food pantry). Any who beat me can join my Merry Band of archers and will receive a token signifying their membership. Each event I shoot at you can shoot against me again and augment your badge.

So check your fletches, wax your strings, load up your grocery basket, and come join Edmund’s Merry Band!

New Boke of Ceremonies

Greetings unto the heralds, pursuivants, and populace of the Middle Kingdom from Meister Konrad Mailander, Dragon Herald,

I am happy to announce that there is a new revision of the Middle Kingdom Boke of Ceremonies available on the Middle Kingdom website.

My thanks to Thegn Edward Aelredson, my predecessor as Dragon, who oversaw most of the work and published a revision just before stepping down last month. Unfortunately once a number of needed updates were noticed. These and a few others discovered as we worked on it again have now been made.

Konrad Dragon

Here are the introductions from Edward from the May 2016 and myself from the June 2016 revision which cover most of the acknowledgements:

Most of what can be said here has been said by many of my predecessors. 

“The Boke is a compilation of the more common ceremonies currently in use within the Middle Kingdom. This edition is really a revision of the previous version and we have corrected some errors, removed old ceremonies and added some new. It is not an all-inclusive collection of every possible ceremony, but rather a foundation from which to spring. While we have pulled out the alternative ceremonies that were found in the previous edition, we do strongly encourage writing of alternative ceremonies to fit the persona and/or taste of the recipient.”

The revision of this book was definitely not a solo project. I would like to thank Mistress Elena de Vexin for her contributions, review and commentary in the preliminary stages of revision. I would also like to thank Mistress Tyzes Sofia called Zsof, Master Dafydd Blaidd, Master Konrad Mailander, Baroness Maggie McKeith and THL Brynn Herleifsson for their contributions and assistance in applying the finishing touches to this manual. And lastly, HE Countess Alys Katharine for her superb proofreading skills. Any errors that remain are from after her proof-reading and are mine and mine alone.

Thegn Edward Aelredson

Because a few more eyes saw the May 2016 revision after it got published, there were a few things that were noticed that had not been updated. This update, which follows quickly on the heels of the previous version, fixes those areas. Primarily, a speaker from the Order of Defence was added into the other Peerage ceremonies. Also, the
suggested qualities that the Peerages attest to were standardized between the different Peerage ceremonies. And, because no herald can leave well enough alone, I made a few other edits. The ceremony for the creation of a Master of Arms has been changed so rather than refusing knighthood they are choosing to take the baldric of a Master of
Arms and the option for them to swear fealty has been added. My thanks go to, Chen-Shifu, Master Eirik Dweorgaxe, Duke Laurelen Darksbane, The Honourable Lady Petrona da Manciano, Master Rory mac Feidhlimidh and several Royal Peers for their input. And thanks again to Countess Alys Katharine for her proof-reading. Any errors that remain now fall on my shoulders.

Meister Konrad Mailander

Clerk of Precedence at Crown Tourney

Greetings Good Gentles,

By the grace of Their Majesties and the indulgence of the Event Steward, I will again offer ‘Live and in Person Corrections to the Order of Precedence’ at Crown Tourney.

I will be able to make the following corrections while you wait:

  • Spelling Errors
  • Combining multiple personae
  • Registration information
  • Remove duplicate awards
  • Import Out of Kingdom Awards
  • Add omitted awards. For additions, please bring a legible image of the original signed scroll or Pale announcement. If those are not available, I will research the award and take action based on the research at a later date.

This will begin shortly following the final bout of the tourney and conclude prior to evening Court. Please consult the event staff and schedule for location.

Petrona da Manciano
Middle Kingdom Clerk of Precedence

Kingdom Travel Fund Auction at Coronation

Hail, Good People of the Fierce Midrealm!!

As Shadowed Stars prepares to host Their Majesties and Their Highnesses on the first weekend in May for Coronation, we are also preparing to do whatever we can to assist the Dragon Heirs, Cameron and Amalie, in their reign. To that end, we will be hosting a Silent Auction to raise money for the Kingdom Travel Fund.

If you would like to donate something for the auction, please contact me and let me know what you will be donating–pictures are quite welcome! If you want to help, but don’t have anything to donate, just come to the event ready for some great shopping!!

In service,
Maggie MacKeith
Baroness, Shadowed Stars