Youth Activities

News related to activities for our younger members.

From the Minister of Youth, April AS LII

There are some great things coming this year, and I can’t wait any longer to share them with you!

Lady Artemisia Votera, Dean of Page School, sends greetings and great news!

She writes:

“After much anticipation, it is my extreme pleasure to announce the completion of revisions to the Middle Kingdom’s Page School Handbook. Thank you to all those who assisted in getting this new installment in place. To view a copy of the revised handbook, please visit this link.

Please keep an eye open for classes at events which will review the Page School program and answer any
questions you might have. It will be a wonderful class for parents and youth officers to attend.”

Thank you Lady Artemisia for your hard work! Any questions or comments in regards to Page School can be directed to Artemisia by e-mailing her at . (more…)

SCA 50 Year – Call for Youth

youth_75x75Greetings! As many of you may know the celebration of the 50th anniversary for the Society will be held from June 17-27, 2016 in Danville, IN. Mistress Cerridwen Verch Ioreword‎ is looking for volunteers to help teach Youth Classes at SCA 50 year. Please contact her with any ideas, offers to teach, or questions you may have.

Youth classes will be offered starting on Saturday, June 18th from 2-4, then throughout the week from 10-4, with Wed being a joint A&S and Youth day. On Saturday, June 25th classes will be offered from 10-2. If offering to teach please email her at at or complete the form here.


Kingdom Earl Marshal on Youth Martial Activities

By now you have all heard about the PA Child Protection law, heard about how it may or may not impact Pennsic, probably heard about the ruling in the East Kingdom, and hopefully read today’s ruling from the Society Seneschal.

The TL/DR version is that the official stance of the SCA with regard to the law is that it does not impact the Society – particularly with regards to combat – as long as we are following our own internal rules. At this time, Pennsic will operate as has been previously described, with the yellow diamonds and contact phone numbers on minor combatants. (more…)

Society’s Guidelines for Youth Combat at Pennsic and Changes to PA Laws

The following information has been forwarded to the East Kingdom by Baron Sir Jibril al-Dakhil, Earl Marshal of the East Kingdom, on behalf of the Society Seneschal, with instructions to distribute widely.

Greetings Unto the East Kingdom: Below is the Society’s Guidelines

A.J. Pongratz
Society Seneschal
Vice President of Operations, SCA Inc.

In reviewing the official website of the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Human Services and the recent statute with other officers and agents of the SCA, I have determined that this statute will not impact on Heavy Combat or Rapier Combat by minor children of the age of 16 or 17 nor youth activities. (more…)

Update from Pennsic on Minors in Combat [updated]

The following was just provided by the Mayor of Pennsic:

In compliance with new Pennsylvania Commonwealth Law and due to potential medical risk considerations involving martial activities the following policy is now in effect:


Minors authorized in martial activities and bearing a gold tape diamond on their helms on which their parent or legal guardian’s cell phone number is written, may participate in battles. Parents should have the cell phone in hand in case of emergency.

Update from the Midrealm Earl Marshal: “The mayor has incorrectly stated that the gold diamond for rapier combatants should be on the helm – it should be on the cuff of the gauntlet, per Society Rules.”

Potential Problems for Youth Activities at Pennsic this Year [Updated]

pennsylvania-sealChanges in legislation in the State of Pennsylvania will have an impact on how attendees under the age of 18 may participate. Through their Keep Kids Safe website, Pennsylvania has announced that:

Beginning July 1, 2015, an adult applying for an unpaid position as a volunteer responsible for the welfare of a child or having direct contact with children will need clearances. [Source.]

This new law states that anyone responsible for the “supervision, guidance or control of children or [who has] routine interaction with children” must go through a clearance process that may include a finger print check by the FBI.


Children’s Activities at Martial RUM

CALLING FOR VOLUNTEERS! Mistress Cerridwen is looking for volunteers to help with the Pied Piping of children during the evening court at Marital RUM/Southern Oaken A&S this weekend in the Barony of Flame. Parents, youths, and the rest of the populace enjoy and appreciate the efforts and service to Their Majesties. If you are willing and able to help, please let her know! It is painless and fun!

At the designated time as indicated by Their Majesties, at least two adults (one must be SCA background checked) will take the Youth and the treasure chest out of Court. The Youths can play games, do crafts, whatever and then get a prize from the chest (good incentive to do last). Mistress Cerridwen will gladly help with ideas for crafts and games.

Interested parties may contact Mistress Cerridwen at the event.