Next Dragon Herald Chosen

Greetings unto the heralds, pursuivants, and scribes of the Middle Kingdom College of Heralds and greetings unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom from Meister Konrad Mailander, Dragon Herald.

It is my pleasure to announce that my successor as Dragon Principal Herald of the Middle Kingdom has been chosen. At the Coronation of Cellach and Vukasin II on September 23rd, His Lordship Jean Yves de Chierebourg will step up as the 22nd Dragon Herald of the Middle Kingdom.

It has been my pleasure to serve the kingdom in this office. My thanks go to the members of the College of Heralds of the Midrealm, it has been a delight working with you all in this role. The College of Heralds is invited to come up and be participants in the changeover ceremony during evening court of Coronation.

Lastly I wish Jean Yves luck in his tenure as Dragon Herald.

In Service to Crown and College,

Konrad Dragon

Regarding the new Anti-Harassment Policy, from the Kingdom Seneschal

Greetings Midrealm!

By now there have been many posts and many comments about the Society Seneschal’s announcement on interpretation on Bullying and Harassment. Harassment also falls under filing multiple false reports.

What does this mean for us? We will continue on as we did before, with the addition of posting at gate and in event hand outs or booklets (this does not include event flyers or advertisements) as required by the Society.

We will still take reports of harassment or bullying seriously as we always have. I have full faith in our Seneschals to help mediate and resolve issues, and go up to the regional or kingdom level if they need help to do so. Issues should also be included in your reports or as soon as possible.

Also, SCA Australia has a great layout that we should reference for the time being as a helpful guide.

SCA Ltd Bullying and Harassment Policy

In Service,

Master Justice McArtain
Kingdom Seneschal

Society Anti-Bullying Policy Effective Immediately

From the Society Seneschals Handbook:


4. Harassment and Bullying
The SCA prohibits harassment and bullying of all individuals and groups.

Harassment and bullying includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • offensive or lewd verbal comments directed to an individual;
  • the display of explicit images (drawn or photographic) depicting an individual in an inappropriate manner;
  • photographing or recording individuals inappropriately to abuse or harass the individual;
  • inappropriate physical contact;
  • unwelcome sexual attention;
  • retaliation for reporting harassment and/or bullying.

Participants violating these rules are subject to appropriate sanctions. If an individual feels subjected to harassment, bullying or retaliation, they should contact a seneschal, President of the SCA, or the Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman. If a participant of the SCA becomes aware that someone is being harassed or bullied, they have a responsibility pursuant to the SCA Code of Conduct to come forward and report this behavior to a seneschal, President of the SCA or Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman.

The following statement must be posted at gate/troll at every SCA event in a size large enough for people to see it as they enter our events. This language must likewise be quoted in ALL site handouts at every event a site where a handout is made available.


Participants engaging in this behavior are subject to appropriate sanctions.

If you are subjected to harassment, bullying or retaliation, or if you become aware of anyone being harassed or bullied, contact a seneschal, President of the SCA, or your Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman.

Per the Society Seneschal July 17, 2017

May Heraldic Decisions

The May Letter of Acceptances and Returns has been published. Here are the decisions for the Middle Kingdom. The letter can be found online here:
Official notification will be sent to the submitters from the Opinicus Pursuivant. Look for an email form; if you have items in submission you may want to add it to your address book as we have occasionally had issues with spam filters grabbing them. Please make sure to follow the link in the email as that lets us know that you have received the notification.

Middle Acceptances

Aturdokht of Dark River. Badge. (Fieldless) A wyvern erect vert breathing fire proper charged on the haunch with a pawprint argent.
There is a step from period practice for use of a pawprint.
Artist’s note: Please draw the tongues of flame conjoined and not free-floating. A flame proper has alternating tongues of red and yellow flame; these should all issue from the wyvern’s mouth.

Bj{o,}rn inn viðf{o,}rli. Device. Azure, a drakkar per pale argent and Or, in chief a sun Or and an increscent argent.

Brigit ingen Nialláin. Device. Per chevron azure and vert, two sheaves of arrows and an owl Or.

Einarr Ginnfastsson. Device. Per saltire argent and gules, two Thor’s hammers, hafts to center gules.

Emma Foxe. Device. Per pale argent and purpure, in bend sinister an escarbuncle Or between two violets counterchanged, an orle of ivy vert.

Gwydion Glyndour. Name.
This name was submitted as Gwydion Glyndwr. However, precedent states that Glyndwr is not a period spelling, [Llywelyn Glyndyverdwy, 3/2010 LoAR, A-Middle], and no evidence was presented to justify overturning that precedent. All of the instances of Glyndwr cited in commentary referred to modern spellings of the name. For registration, we have changed the byname to Glyndour, an early 15th century spelling found by Juliana Siren during commentary.

Hakon Hrafnsson. Badge. Per pall inverted Or, sable, and paly argent and vert.
Artist’s note: Please draw the point where the lines of the field division meet a bit higher on the field to more equally divide the shield into three portions.

Hanß Leiland Adelbrecht. Device. Per chevron inverted argent and azure, an enfield rampant to sinister gules and two crescents Or.

Katarzina of Foxvale. Holding name and device. Azure, three chevronels braced argent and in chief three trilliums two and one Or.
There is a step from period practice for use of New World trilliums.
Submitted under the name Katarzina Celjska, that name was pended on the December 2016 LoAR.

Lil Lith of Shadowed Stars. Name and device. Per bend azure and argent, a willow tree eradicated counterchanged.
The submitter may be interested to know that the spelling Lileth was documented in commentary as a gray-period English name. If she prefers Lileth of Shadowed Stars to the registered form, she may make a request for reconsideration.

Máirghréad inghean Ruadháin. Name.
Submitted as Mairghread inghean Rúadáin, Gaelic names must use markings consistently throughout the name. As the submitter specifically requested the “accented version” of the byname, the given name needs to be registered as Máirghréad with all markings.
In addition, the byname was originally submitted at Kingdom as inghean Rúadhán, but Kingdom commentary correctly pointed out that the byname needed to use the genitive (possessive) form of the father’s name, Rúadháin. The submitter consented to that change. For some reason, the heading in the Letter of Intent did not include that change (although the summary did). In addition, the name Ruadhán does not have an accent mark on the u. Accordingly, we have put the byname into the correct spelling of inghean Ruadháin for registration.

Marushka Stanislawowiczowa. Name.
This name combines a Russian given name with a Polish byname, an acceptable lingual mix under Appendix C.

Milisandia MacGreghere. Name and device. Per chevron argent and vert, a chevron sable and in base a squirrel Or.

Roana Aldinoch. Household name Gylden Broc Hus.

Toth Bálint. Badge. (Fieldless) A loop of rope with ends crossed in chief gules.

Middle Returns


From the Kingdom Chatelaine – August LII

Hail and well met, all who read these words!

We have some news from the Chatelaine’s office that I would like to share.
First, I would like to thank Lady Errenach, who is finally able to take her ease after seven years serving the South Oaken Region, and for serving as First Deputy for this office for several years as well. THL Jerusha a’Laon has taken over as South Oaken Regional Chatelaine, and we welcome her and look forward to working with her.

Secondly, there has been a change in the Middle Kingdom Demo Handbook, adding a line item to bring us in-line with Society regulations. (more…)

Exchecquer’s Letter – August LII

Greetings unto the Exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom

Monthly reporting: Each and every group must both reconcile their bank accounts and report to their seneschal and regional exchequer every month (as well as their baronial exchequer if applicable). There are still groups that are not reporting as required. You may have received a warning from your regional regarding the reporting non-compliance. If you do not come into compliance with monthly reporting, your group will be put on financial probation or recommended for suspension. Specific exchequers who continue to not comply may have their warrant revoked. (more…)

From the Kingdom Seneschal – August LII

Greetings, Midrealm,

As a time of war comes for our Kingdom, and drums of war are off in the distance, we still have a Kingdom at home that needs tending to. I am very excited about things that are in process currently. We have new groups that are coming forward, growing the lands of the already largest kingdom and giving a chance for our populace to expand and play. Countess Julianna is working towards helping these groups form, become a cohesive unit, and establish themselves, and I thank her for her work in this. (more…)

Midrealm Court Reports – May 2017

Regency Court of Their Majesties William and Isolde, presided over by Their Excellencies Ulfr and Odile of Sternfeld, held on 13 May AS 52 (CE 2017) at Constellation Academy of Defense in the Shire of Mynydd Seren. Heralded by Damian Nihthauk. Seneschal was Taisiia (Tai) Volodimerna.

  • Purple Fret: Alan Culross, Melrakki
  • Willow: Yngerame Erskyne
  • Bronze Ring: Titus Sharper