News of Border Raids

In the 50th year of the Society in the month of Maius, Meridian armies crossed into the lands of the Midrealm. The fyrd was summoned to stand guard and fight against the incursion and Ragnvaldar the king road swiftly from his stronghold in the north to his most southern barony. (more…)

Court Reports – March/April

Court of Their Majesties Cadogan and AnnMarie, 28 March AS 49 (CE 2015), held on Silver Ceilidh in Their Shire of Norborough. Heralded by Edborough Kellie. Seneschals were Angus Drummond and Kateline Eliot.

  • Award of Paws: Rosie
  • Baton: Helena Svendottir
  • Sapphire: Gwennan Myngrudd
  • AoA: Antony Wolverton
  • Dragon’s Tooth: Lucy Svendottir
  • Purple Fret: Orn Askelsson
  • Willow: Evja Haerulfskona
  • Dragon’s Heart: Meriel Fitzwilliam, Mistress Mary Garrett of Seasalter
  • Royal Augmentation: Dafydd Blaidd (a Lunula), Acelin of the Wild (a Perun)

Regency Court of Their Royal Highnesses Ragnvaldr and Arabella, for Their Majesties Cadogan and AnnMarie, 28 March AS 49 (CE 2015), held at Clancy Day in the Shire of Starleaf Gate. Heralded by Kriemhilt von Ebersberg. Seneschal was Arias Sanchez.

  • AoA: Alessandra della Torre, Kav of Starleaf Gate, Okyosho Kenyaku

Court of Their Majesties Cadogan and AnnMarie, 11 April AS 49 (CE 2015), held at Martial RUM and South Oaken A&S in Their Barony of the Flame. Heralded by Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh, Dafydd Blaid, Kateline Elliot. Seneschals were Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh, Kateline Elliot.

  • AoA: Azziz, Edgar Bowman
  • Dragon’s Tooth: Alexander Kittel
  • Dragon’s Barb: Bucky, Edgar of Cheswick
  • Purple Fret: Gedrian Von Atzinger
  • Willow: Honor Von Atzinger
  • Evergreen: Maiosara
  • Royal Augmentation: Aeric Ovender (a Lunula)
  • Grant of Arms: Crespine de Vallee (Dragon Crest)

Court of Their Royal Majesties Cadogan and AnnMarie, 18 April AS 49 (CE 2015), held at Grand Tournament of Unicorn in Unicorn. Heralded by Sorca Drac, Spurius Germanus, Dmitrii Zhirov, Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli. Seneschal was Melisande de Canonwald.

  • Dragon’s Treasure: Valentina of Flaming Gryphon, Alexander Timsson, Benjamin Timsson, Matthew Bearson
  • Sapphire: Machonna of Darkriver
  • AoA: Spurius Germanus known as Furius, Ameline Rossi, Andrew MacAltin, Masahiro of Unicorn, Rose de la Combe, Willibrocht of Unicorn
  • Red Company: Ezra Surman, Wulfric Gunnarson
  • Cavendish Knot: William of Fairhaven
  • Purple Fret: Gwalchmai ap Bledig called Maleachi, Mordak Timofei’evich Rostovskogo, Brigida Alderotti, Monika Maia Draguni
  • Willow: Kashka Mokosheva, Genevieve Perrin
  • Gold Mace: Timothy the Just, Ivan Shishov
  • Dragon’s Heart: Cerridwen Verch Loreword
  • Royal Augmentation: Elisabetta Foscari (a Lunula)
  • Kingdom Augmentation: Rosamund Beauvisage (device of the Middle Kingdom)
  • Court Baroness: Christiana de Burgh
  • Pelican: Gunnar Sigurdsson
  • KSCA: Drust mac Arilith

Update on Spears for Pennsic

Greetings to the armored combatants of the Known World

Due to ongoing safety concerns, Mandrake-style rubber thrusting tips will NOT be allowed on fiberglass shafted spears at Pennsic War 44 (2015). Foam tips ≥ 2”, both commercial and homemade, will be allowed. This ruling does not impact Mandrake-style rubber tips on rattan weapons. 

Please spread this announcement as you see fit to assure that all who might be impacted will have time to re-build their weapons before War.

Sir Gregoire

Earl Marshal, Middle Kingdom

Marshal In Charge, Pennsic 44

Update to the Armored Combat Rules (re: butt spikes)

Greetings to the armored combatants of the Middle Kingdom –

The following changes to The Midrealm Armored Combat Fighter and Marshal Handbook v. 12.1 are to be considered effective immediately. They will be added to the handbook in the next revision, however, having been published here are to be considered official rule changes and will be enforced as such.

Section VIII.A.15:
“Weapons under 48” (1.22 m) or greater than 7’ 6” (2.29 m) in length may have either a thrusting tip or a butt spike, but not both at the same time.” shall be amended to read:

“Weapons under 48” (1.22 m) may not use a butt spike. Weapons greater than 7’ 6” (2.29 m) in length may have either a thrusting tip or a butt spike, but not both at the same time.”

Section VIII.B:
“Weapons that shall be used in one hand shall have the following requirements:” shall be amended to read :

“Weapons that shall be used in one hand, and are defined as being 48” or less in total length, shall have the following requirements:”

Yours in Service,
Sir Gregoire, KEM

June Electronic Edition of The Pale Available to Subscribers

CoverJune2015Let the word go forth that the electronic edition of the June issue of The Pale, the official newsletter of the Middle Kingdom, is available to download by those readers who have purchased a sustaining or international membership in the SCA.

The June issue features a cover photo of Their Majesties at Coronation provided by Master Phillip the Pilgrim.

Included in the June Issue are: (more…)

Kingdom A&S Entrants

The following is a list of the names of the entrants whose entries advanced to Kingdom A&S Faire. If your name is on this list, you should have received an email from for confirmation. (more…)