A Missive to all Crown Contenders

Greetings unto those Worthies who would seek the honor of competing in the Crown Lists on 24 May.

Letters of Intent are due to Their Highnesses and myself by tomorrow on Their Coronation day. If you are hand carrying the missive to Them, please seek me out to register your information.

If you are sending your letter today via electronic means to , I am traveling. Therefore, it will take me a bit to respond.

Thank you,

Dame Caitriona
Friendly Incoming Kingdom Seneschal

Pennsic Royal Camp Volunteer Cooks Requested

Greetings to All from Mistress Keiley O’Duchem

We have FINALLY found Spring (or it has found us) and in the distance we can faintly hear the drums of war. In a few short months we will be heading off to Pennsic War and we are in need of some assistance. Our beloved Highness Ragnvaldr & Arabella will be taking the army to our allies in the East. As Dame Nicholaa best put it:

“An Army travels on its stomach. Some of the busiest individuals of the Midrealm reside in the Royal Encampment. We support and serve our Crown and the Midrealm; finding food isn’t something they should be concerned about.”  (more…)

Pennsic University Teacher Deadline Approaching

PennsicUnivThe Pennsic University class registration deadline for Pennsic War 44 is fast approaching!

Get your teacher and class registrations in before May 1, 2015 to guarantee the classes will appear in the Pennsic book. Use the Pennsic University Thing to register your classes.

if you need assistance, contact  or the Registrar at 

Coronation and Crown Tourney Youth Policies

Important information about Coronation and Crown Tournament!

Both events will be occurring in Pentamere and as such, I would like to remind you about our policy here in Michigan.
Should you be bringing a minor that you do not have custody over, please make sure you have a medical waiver form with you for that minor, signed by the person who has custody of said minor.


Bids for Fall Crown & Coronation Solicited

Good citizens of the Middle Kingdom,

In one week Their Highnesses Ragnvaldr and Arabella will assume the Dragon Throne. In one month they will hold Their Crown Tournament.

This is a reminder that bids for Fall Coronation and Crown Tournament will be needed. You may submit your bids at any time. Deadlines for bids will be June 13th for Coronation and June 20th for Crown Tournament. (more…)