Hear the Words of Her Majesty – Grand Tourney of the Unicorn

Greetings to Our Fair Populace

His Majesty and I are so looking forward to the Tournament of Unicorn this Saturn’s day. We are most excited to be hosting a Tournament of Chivalry and the first ever Tournament of Defense. Please all dress in your finery and fly your banners to mark this historic day well.

Weather permitting we are asking all that are able to gather under the large tent at 5:15 pm to process to Kumler Chapel where We will hold Our court. We encourage all to join Us and fly your Kingdom, Regional, Baronial, Household and/or Personal banners. 

We are exceedingly pleased with Our people and want to bestow honors upon the deserving. Currently Our list of good and deserving gentles is long and noteworthy. We will be making a new Knight this day also. Please seek your comfort and fortify yourself before attending our court

(Translation: This will be the longest Court of Our Reign so bring what you need to be comfortable on a church pew and eat/drink ahead of time).

What a joyous occasion this shall be.

Draco Invictus!

Their Royal Majesties
Cadogan and AnnMarie

BoD Meeting Agenda Posted

A tentative agenda for this weekend’s Board of Directors meeting has been posted. You can view it here (link to PDF).

The BoD meeting will be held this coming Saturday, April 18, at the Embassy Suites Cincinnati – River Center, 10 East Rivercenter Blvd., Covington, KY 41011, in the Barony of Fenix.

General information on attending a Board meeting can be found here (PDF link).

Society Email Problems

A message from the Society’s Office of Information Management and Technology

Due to unidentified difficulties, some e-mail messages submitted to ‘’ after 6:00am EST and before 3:00pm EST on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 were approved for release to the list, but did not make it into the list’s archive. (more…)

Royal Missive of their Incoming Majesties for May 2015

Honored greetings unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom.

When We contemplated fighting in Crown Tournament, I wondered what I had to offer this great kingdom. We see all around Us so many folks doing selfless service, or creating spectacular creations of art or science. What I do seems so selfish and small in comparison. I realized my gift of skill in the tournament list allows Me to earn this position where We may be the ones who can recognize all these great talents. In this way, We hope to be your worthy servants. (more…)

3rd Annual Dragon Chef Competition

Calling all Cooks!

Are your cooking skills up to the Challenge? Do you have what it takes to be the Dragon Chef?

Announcing the 3rd Annual Dragon Chef Competition at May Day, in the Barony of Fenix.

Each team of cooks will be given a cooler of food to prepare and serve in the evening for feast.

Each team will have limited access to grills and electricity.

All cooking implements and utensils are supplied by each team.

Food staples such as flour, sugar, and spices can be brought to the competition by each team.

All recipes need to be from period sources.

Judges will be randomly selected to score the teams on not only their individual dishes but on how well the dishes go together and how well the dishes are displayed.

Please contact Baroness Artemisia () to register your team. Depending on interest, the number of team could be limited.

The Event is May 9th in the Barony of Fenix, at Big Bone State Park, Union KY, near Cincinnati, OH. Click here for the event web page.

February Heraldic Decisions Letter Published

Greetings unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom from Meister Konrad Mailander, Rouge Scarpe Herald,

The February Laurel King of Arms’ Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR)  has been published. (The LoAR are dated by the month the decision meeting was held in. It takes around six weeks for the letters to get written, proofread, and published in the various formats.)

The letter can be found here:  http://heraldry.sca.org/loar/2015/02/

Below are the decisions for items submitted in the Middle Kingdom. There are also several items from the Errata page of the letter. These are items from previous letters that had errors that needed correcting.



Cynwrig ap Lewelyn. Device. Azure, three serpents fretted heads and tails outwards Or.

Damiana Evstokhivna Sodnitsina. Name change from holding name Damiana of Cleftlands.

Eginolf von Basel. Device change. Per fess gules and bendy gules and azure, in chief an egg argent.

This design was well documented as an Individually Attested Pattern in late period German armory. The submitter provided sufficient evidence of divided fields of more than four parts in combinations of gules and azure, both uncharged or charged with argent charges.

The submitter’s old device, Bendy Or and azure, a wolf’s head erased ululant contourny gules maintaining in its mouth an egg argent, on a chief Or three eagles gules, is retained as a badge.

Evan Aethalwald. Reblazon of device. Azure, three swords in pile inverted tips conjoined each pommeled of a comet and in chief an estoile of eight points argent.

Blazoned when registered in July 1980 as Azure, a sword inverted between two others in chevron, all conjoined at the tips, each pommeled of an estoille of eight points elongated to chief, and in chief an estoille of eight points argent, we are making the position of the swords more clear.

Faraldr Sørkvir. Name.

Iofurr Ormarsson. Name.

Submitted as Iöfurr Ormarsson, the given name was changed by kingdom to I{o,}furr in order to use the o-ogonek ({o,}) instead of the modern ö. During commentary, the submitter expressed a preference for the form Iofurr instead. We have made this change.

Jean Yves de Chierebourg. Badge. Argent, a ewer vert and a bordure vert platy.

Katherine Fixis. Name and device. Argent, a compass star gules, on a base azure a wolf courant contourny argent.

Nice 16th century English name!

There is a step from period practice for the use of a compass star.

Maaicke van Zanten. Device. Argent, the kanji for “bright” and a base wavy azure.

The submitter has permission to conflict with the device of Cadell ap Hubert, Argent, the astronomical sign of Sagittarius and a gore sinister azure.

There is a step from period practice for the use of kanji.

Rivenstar, Barony of. Badge. (Fieldless) On a tower azure, a riven star argent.

The use of a riven star as a charge is grandfathered to the group.

Takeda Fuyuuji. Name and device. Vert, four rustres in cross within an annulet argent.

The submitter requested authenticity for 16th century Japan. This request was not summarized in the Letter of Intent. Luckily for the submitter, enough information was provided in commentary to allow us to consider this request instead of pending the name.

The nanori Fuyu’uji is dated to 1332 as is Takeda. The latter is also the surname of at least three historical figures from 16th century Japan. Because Fuyu’uji was not found in the 16th century, this name does not meet the submitter’s request for an authentic 16th century name, but it is an excellent Kamakura period name.

Please advise the submitter to draw the piercing on the rustres bigger.

Yngerame Erskyn. Name and device. Ermine, on a chevron gules three calamaries argent.

Nice late 14th century Scottish name!

Aurora Lucia Marinella. Badge. (Fieldless) Issuant from the line of division of a fesswise cushion per fess azure and gule, a demi-sun Or.

This device is returned for violating our restriction on “barely overall”, as a previous precedent regarding a charge that was half-on and only top-half-off of the underlying charge states:

[…in chief a dragon passant sable surmounted by a crescent gules] This device is returned for violating our restriction on “barely overall” charges. By precedent:

We will no longer return items for being barely overall if the area of overlap is small, the area of the overlap which projects beyond the edge of the underlying charge is also small, when the overall charge does not obscure significant portions of the outline of the underlying charge, and when identifiability is preserved. [Brunissende Dragonette de Broceliande, December 2008, A-East]

In this submission, the area of overlap is large and the area of overlap which projects beyond the edge of the underlying dragon is small. A properly drawn overall charge will lie upon the field on both sides of the underlying charge; the crescent here has only its horns on the field. If the crescent were a touch smaller, it could be considered a tertiary charge, but would then violate the rule of contrast. [Nikolaus Grünenwaldt, R-Caid, Feb 2012 LoAR]

This is a similar case and therefore this badge must be returned.

Brynniulfr Herleifsson. Augmentation of arms. Quarterly sable and vert a bear’s head erased and a bordure argent and for augmentation in base a quill pen fesswise argent enflamed proper.

This submission is returned for redraw. The augmentation was blazoned as “a quill pen fesswise argent enflamed proper” but the flames are not distinguishable.

Elianora Saunfayle. Augmentation of arms. Quarterly sable and vert, an annulet Or within a bordure argent, and as augmentation in dexter chief a quill pen bendwise argent enflamed proper.

This submission is returned for redraw. The augmentation was blazoned as “a quill pen fesswise argent enflamed proper” but the flames are not distinguishable.

Frøkn mac Cainnaig. Device. Per saltire purpure and vert, a saltire erminois, between in cross a Celtic cross and three griffins passant argent.

This device is returned for redraw, for violating SENA A2C2 which states “Elements must be drawn to be identifiable.” The ermine spots on the saltire are too small and have the appearance of diapering rather than strewn charges.

Tamura of the Saii. Name.

No documentation was provided to support the tribal byname of the Saii. The Academy of Saint Gabriel report cited in the Letter of Intent states, “In classical Greek sources, people are usually identified using their father’s name or an ethnic adjective that describes where they are from.” In the submitted name, the byname is constructed using the pattern of the [tribe]. Without additional documentation to show that this is a plausible byname, this name cannot be registered.

The tribe name Saii is found in classical Greek inscriptions around the Black Sea, so we are willing to give the submitter the benefit of the doubt that this tribe is a compatible culture under SENA. The given name Tamura is also found in inscriptions from the same area.

Wilhelm Michalik. Augmentation of arms. Sable, in fess a tree eradicated argent and another Or and for augmentation in base a quill pen argent enflamed proper.

This submission is returned for redraw. The augmentation was blazoned as “a quill pen fesswise argent enflamed proper” but the flames are not distinguishable.



August 1989

Snurri Pleieson. Alternate name Gabriel Sweettooth and badge. Sable, three mullets in fess argent.

Only the badge acceptance associated for this alternate name was listed in the Letter of Acceptances and Returns. While not stated explicitly, the alternate name was accepted at that time.

April 1999

Hróðgeirsfjörðr, Canton of. Branch name correction from Hróðgeirsfjöðrr, Canton of.

Submitted as Hróðgeirsfjörðr, Canton of, the substantive element was inadvertently registered as HróðgeirsfjörÐr in June 1998. In registering its device in November 1998, it was listed as Hróðgerisfjöðrr. A subsequent correction changed the name to Hróðgeirsfjöðrr in April 1999. It should have been registered as submitted.

April 2006

Mei Li. Name change from holding name Emily of Swordcliff.

Listed on the Letter of Acceptances and Returns as a new name, this was actually a change of holding name.



Silent Auction Fundraiser at Coronation

A Silent Auction will be held the day of Coronation. This is to be a fundraiser for the State Dinner at Pennsic which will be hosted this year by the Middle Kingdom.

We are trying to gather both unique and utilitarian items to put up for bid for this event. A sampling of those items so far includes:

  • A 6 foot silk banner, customized to your specifications
  • Clothing fitting by a Laurel/Professional Costume Designer
  • Handmade Pottery
  • Card Woven Trim
  • Handmade Needles and a Needle Binding Lesson

We have received promised donations of other goods or services but are still looking for more to help fill the coffers. If you are willing and able to participate in this worthy event, please contact Baroness Antonia at

Otherwise, check out the auction table at Coronation – bid often and bid high!