Volunteers for Royal Retainers sought for Border Raids

Good people of the Middle Kingdom!

Soon Border Raids will be upon us! We are looking for volunteers to retain and guard for Their Royal Highnesses, our soon to be Majesties, Ragnvaldr and Arabella! Please sign up using the link below (you don’t have to create an account) and check in at troll!

I will again offer a raffle ticket to win a customized hand painted banner for each shift taken. Winner announced that day!


Order of Precedence Correction Booth at Coronation

The upcoming Coronation will feature Order of Precedence correction booth. Petrona de Manciano, the Clerk of Precedence will be at the large U-shaped desk just outside the sanctuary for about 2 hours following morning Court. If you need an update to your entry, please stop by. If your name is spelled incorrectly or you have multiple listings that need to be combined, those can be fixed immediately. If you have an award which is not shown: if you bring a photo of the scroll or Pale entry, it can also be fixed immediately. Some corrections may require research and will need a few days to complete.

Evolution of SCA Communications Survey

From the Society for Creative Anachronism Publications Manager

Please take a few minutes to complete a survey designed to gather data to assist us in the evolution of communications within the SCA.
We appreciate your time and the opportunity to gather information so we can best serve your needs in the future.

The survey can be found by clicking here.

Countess Honor of Restormel
Society Publications Manager

Notes from the April 18 BoD Meeting

Master William de Montegilt attended the April 18 Board Meeting and has submitted the following notes to the Aethelmearc Gazette. They are reprinted here by the kind permission of the Aethelmearc Gazette.

SCA-Corporate-Device150If you’ve never been to a Board of Directors meeting, you might want to attend one. The ceremonies are very impressive. The directors are carried in, each on his or her own palanquin, to the central meeting table laden with gold plate and jeweled cups, where they are greeted by cheering members of the populace….. (more…)

Recreating the Middle Ages as They Should Have Been

Most people don’t have work colleagues who regularly come into the office with bruises and photos of their weekend clashes with armored warriors. But that was the case for Euan Forrester a few years ago, whose co-worker, he learned, was a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international group of 60,000 people who share a passion for recreating medieval culture.

Read more at Slate.com

ACCEPS Update from the Society Seneschal

The Seneschal of the Society sends greetings to my fellow SCA members and participants.

Based upon the fact that ACCEPS has now shut down, the need to remain silent to ensure the security of everyone’s credit card information on ACCEPS is no longer a concern and as such, I am able to divulge the following factual basis for the SCA’s ending of its relationship with ACCEPS in terms of all future events. (more…)

ACCEPS Credit Card Payment System No Longer Approved

Statement from the Board

The Board of Directors of SCA, Inc. believes that there are better options in terms of electronic payments in the SCA; the corporate office is moving towards an alternative payment service as rapidly as possible. As such, the Board of Directors is discontinuing its relationship with ACCEPS and no longer approves the usage of ACCEPS as of midnight April 18, 2015. As such, I am directing all Kingdom and Local Group Seneschals to follow the decision of the Board, Corporate Treasurer and Society Seneschal to not utilize ACCEPS. If anyone makes the unfortunate mistake of not being in compliance with this directive, the officer in question’s warrant will be immediately suspended.

As for all current ACCEPS related events, these will be allowed to go to completion; however, there will be no time extension in terms of these same events.

A.J. Pongratz
Society Seneschal