Help a university student with a poll

Unto the Good Gentles reading this missive, come hearty greetings and wishes of good health, a full larder, and much prosperity!

My name is Jeff Diaz, known within the Society as Herr Gotfrid von Schwaben, and I am a graduate student at Central Michigan University. As my final project, I am conducting a feasibility study examining the opening of a pottery merchant company within the SCA.

Because you are Gentles contributing within the Society, I invite you to participate in this research study and ask you to complete the attached survey. Please click the following link to access the web-based survey.

The following questionnaire will require approximately five to ten minutes to complete. There is no compensation for responding nor is there any known risk. In order to ensure that all information will remain confidential, please do not include your name. Copies of the project will be provided to my Central Michigan University instructor. If you choose to participate in this project, please answer all questions as honestly as possible. Participation is strictly voluntary and you may discontinue participation at any time.

Thank you for taking the time to assist me in my educational endeavors. The data collected will provide useful information regarding marketing opportunities within various major events hosted by several SCA Kingdoms. Completion of the questionnaire will indicate your willingness to participate in this study. If would like a summary copy of this study, if you require additional information, or if you have questions, please contact me at the number listed below. Please allow for time zone differences, as I currently reside in Hawaii.

If you are not satisfied with the manner in which this study is being conducted, you may report (anonymously if you so choose) any complaints to the MSA Program, 989-774-6525 or 1-800-950-1144, ext. *6525

Ich dien,
Jeffrey M. Diaz
Phone: 808-772-4592

Silve Ceilidh Court Report

From the hands of Tsar Cadogan & Tsaritsa AnnMarie, the following awards were given to these worthy individuals:

  • Orn Askelsson – Purple Fret
  • Gwennan Myngrudd – Sapphire
  • Master Dafydd Blaidd – Royal Augment (Lunula)
  • Acelin of the Wild – Royal Augment (Perun)
  • Rosie (dog) – Award of Paws
  • Meriel Fitzwilliam – Dragon’s Heart
  • Mistress Mary of Garrett of Seasalter – Dragon’s Heart
  • Antony Wolverton – AOA
  • Evja Haerulfskona – Willow
  • Helena Svendottir – Baton
  • Lucy Svendottir – Dragon’s Treasure
  • Uthan Loach – Dragons Barb
  • Muira Makoto – Dragon’s Barb (reread into Court from Better War)


Free Art Books From The Metropolitan Museum of Art

You could pay $118 on Amazon for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s catalog The Art of Illumination: The Limbourg Brothers and the Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry. Or you could pay $0 to download it at MetPublications, the site offering “five decades of Met Museum publications on art history available to read, download, and/or search for free.” If that strikes you as an obvious choice, prepare to spend some serious time browsing MetPublications’ collection of free art books and catalogs.


Pennsic Queens’ Favor Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial

favorPay heed, good gentles of the Middle Kingdom, for we have been charged with a task from on high. Princess Arabella and her counterpart in the East, Princess Etheldreda, wish to mark the solidarity of Their two kingdoms as we approach war with AEthelmearc this summer. To that end, They are asking the populace of both Kingdoms to create favors and They have chosen a design that features the mighty dragon of the Middle Kingdom and the fierce tyger of the East, as was reported in February by our friends at the

To further this mission and encourage anyone who is willing to contribute, I created a step-by-step photo tutorial showing how to make the Queens’ Favor from start to finish for members of my barony. Those outside my barony have inquired about it, and so, with Her Highness’s approval, I include it here on the new Midrealm Gazette so that any group or individual wishing to contribute may do so. If you create a favor on your own, you may mail it to Baroness Una (with enough time to arrive well before Pennsic 44) to the address listed here:

Grand Tournament of the Unicorn updates

Good evening, all! Ameline Rossi, Event Steward, come bearing numerous items of interest concerning Grand Tourney of the Unicorn, including PRE-REGISTRATION, PARKING, and HOTELS!

  1. Pre-registration is open at ACCEPS now! Pre-registration will be open until April 11, 2015–by pre-registering you’ll not only speed up the troll-in process, but also receive $2 off entry.
  2. Miami University requires you to have a permit at all times while parking on campus. This year, rather than picking them up at troll, you can download the permit from the GTU website and print it out prior to leaving home! We will still have permits available at troll as well, but you are welcome to print them out prior to save time and hassle.
  3. We have a block of rooms reserved at the Springhill Suites just off of I-275. It’s about 30 minutes away from Oxford, but with everything going on around the area that weekend, it’s the closest we could get. Here’s the hotel’s website; its address is 12001 Chase Plaza Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45240. Mention “SCA,” “GTU,” or “Unicorn” to get our room block, which is $92/night (including complimentary breakfast!). The hotel’s phone number to reserve is (513) 825-9035. You must call to get into the Unicorn room block.As always, we are still looking for both CLASSES and MERCHANTS! Contact Cayla Brakers for classes and Louis Krieger for merchanting.

In Service, Ameline Rossi

New forms for Heraldic submissions

Greetings unto the Middle Kingdom College of Heralds and the populace of the Middle Kingdom from Meister Konrad Mailander, Rouge Scarpe Herald,

The Middle Kingdom has just issued new forms for heraldic submissions. Starting on April 1st any submissions received must use the new forms or they will be returned and new forms requested. These new forms are now the ones available on the Midrealm Herald Website:

Please discontinue the use of all old forms. The new forms should have Laurel v. 3.0; Middle v1.0 (Laurel Approved 10 Dec 2014) at the bottom of the form and “v3_rev1” as part of the file name. 

The previous forms will be accepted until the end of March so if you have a submission worked up that you have not yet sent in you want to send them off to the Escutcheon Herald immediately to avoid having to redo them on the new forms.

Please pass this missive on to your groups.

In Service I Remain,

Konrad Rouge Scarpe

Heraldic Notifications Backlog

Greetings Lords and Ladies of the Midrealm.
I hope this missive finds you well, as many are returning from the War in the Southern Lands. I am the Heraldic Submissions Deputy for the Middle Kingdom. As I finished notifications this morning, I noticed quite a large number of notifications that have not yet been retrieved. If you have made a heraldic submission in the last year or so and your email username is in the list below, you have an unretrieved notification. Many of these have ended up in Gentle’s Spam Folders due to the sender name being “Apache” if you could please check your notifications, or get back to me offline to let me know I can delete the unretrieved notification, I would be greatly appreciative. 

Below is a list of email usernames (its how the College sorts them on the notifications pages) of notifications not yet retrieved.

  • barringer.11
  • caitlyn.smallwood (2 notifications)
  • Cellach
  • chrsitian.dexavier
  • clevelandgamer
  • derbert24 (2 notifications)
  • DHaynes11
  • Dixie.Needle
  • duchessaislinn
  • dwood2love (2 notifications)
  • eacopen (2 notifications)
  • erikson.lena (4 notifications)
  • fadrogil
  • firedragin
  • gesshuko.seto (2 notifications)
  • hopehoover
  • hpatton (2 notifications)
  • hughes4855 (2 notifications)
  • IantheGreen01
  • kapethna
  • kate.reis.7
  • katerinfg
  • katrinfg (2 notifications, is this the same person as above?)
  • kitonlove (2 notifications)
  • lady.elizabethe
  • lordeamon (2 notifications)
  • lordlildud (4 notifications)
  • mbnash13 (2 notifications)
  • mkozicki (2 notifications)
  • MnM8myname (2 notifications)
  • mtoje
  • nispunks (2 notifications)
  • oswyn969
  • pearly_unicorn
  • pigeon
  • roninwolf (4 notifications)
  • scott.c.cuva (3 notifications)
  • scottishwarrioraiden (2 notifications)
  • shadow_matrix0101 (2 notifications)
  • smiles4100 (2 notifications)
  • smoidel (2 notifications)
  • starwolf7070 (2 notifications)
  • sylvanoak
  • Taslen2000 (2 notifications)
  • tegangdh
  • uberpessimist

Thank you.

In Service to the Dragon Thrones and the College of Arms

Jean Yves Opinicus
jean.yves.dechierebourg AT gmail DOT com

Omnibus Peerage Proposal Submitted to SCA Board of Directors

Duchess Tessa the Huntress of the Kingdom of Aethelmearc announced that the final proposal for the creation of an omnibus peerage for all martial arts under the purview of the Earl Marshal, with the exception of rattan and rapier, was submitted to the Board of Directors of the SCA today. An earlier request had been made for space on the agenda for the April board meeting, pending submittal of the proposal. The meeting will be held on April 18 in Covington, KY in the Kingdom of the Middle. More information on attending the meeting can be found here.Badge

The proposal for the new peerage was created by a multi-Kingdom steering committee, with input from the 850+ member Martial Peerage Facebook group. The proposed name for the peerage is the Order of Valiance, with a proposed badge as seen here.

The full text of the proposal can be found here.

Anyone interested in writing in support of this proposal can contact the Board at .

[This article originally appeared in The Aethelmearc Gazette.]


April Electronic Edition of The Pale Available to Subscribers

ThePale-04-2015-CoverLet the word go forth that the electronic edition of the April issue of The Pale, the official newsletter of the Middle Kingdom, is available to download by those readers who have purchased a sustaining or international membership in the SCA.

The April issue features a wonderfully epic cover provided by THL Gunnar Sigurdsson, the recently retired editor of The Pale.

Included in the April Issue are:

  • Official missives From Their Majesties and our Kingdom Exchequer
  • A photo gallery from the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in February
  • Court reports from Festival of Maidens, Better War Through Archery, and St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
  • A job listing for the Primary Deputy to the Middle Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences
  • The first two parts of an article on Making Loaner Clothing for All Sizes: Introducing and Designing the “Gold Key Line”
  • A list of the SCA Inc. Board of Directors Nominees
  • Middle Kingdom Event Ads and Previews, including Coronation and Crown Tournament
  • A listing of the events being held in the Middle Kingdom in April, May, June, and July 2015
  • The directory of seneschals in the Middle Kingdom

E-newsletters are available only to those who have purchased a sustaining  membership or an international membership.

Here’s a quick reminder about how to access the newsletters, if you have the appropriate membership. You’ll start by visiting the newsletter web site:

There you’ll be greeted with a login screen. You’ll need your membership number and password. (The initial password is the word “start”, all lowercase. It is recommended that you change the password to something more secure the first time you use the site.)

Once you’ve provided that you’ll see a window with a list of all the publications available. You can access not only The Pale, but the newsletters of all the Kingdoms, and the Board of Directors meeting minutes. Click on the name of the Kingdom or other publication you want, and on the next screen you’ll see all the newsletters for that Kingdom, all the way back to the first electronic issues.

If you have trouble accessing the site, your next step should be to contact Membership Services to check the status of your membership. You can find all the contact information on the SCA web site:

Submissions for the May issue are due March 25. Please visit for submissions guidelines for The Pale. We are always seeking photographs and articles!