Official Missive – Their Royal Highnesses – March


Unto the beloved populace of the Middle Kingdom come greetings from your Prince and Princess.

Sitting the Dragon Thrones is a lofty goal. It is also a position requiring great effort, as the Royalty are the highest servants of the People. If this is a position you would seek to gain for yourself and your consort, present yourselves before Us as participants in Our Crown Tournament on May 24, 2015. The following are Our requirements for Our Crown Tournament.

For both combatant and consort:

  • You must possess a minimum of an Award of Arms, or equivalent.
  • Provide to Us a recommendation from a Peer of Our Realm, unless the combatant or consort is already a Peer.
  • A boast, to be presented by your herald, as you are called before Us. It is to be no longer than 20 seconds.

For combatants:

  • No obvious modern equipment or clothing exposed.
  • No weapons over six feet in length.
  • No war shields. We expect you to take the field using the shield with which you would normally fight in tournaments.

The tournament will begin after a pool tournament to narrow the number of combatants down to 16, or down to 32, if more than 32 are present. After this, it will be a standard double elimination tournament. Upon narrowing the field to two combatants, the finals will be the best of three passes. The first two passes will be matched weapon styles. The style of the first pass will be chosen by the lower-ranking combatant; the second by the higher-ranking combatant. The final pass, should it be needed, will have each combatant choosing their own weapon style. Our kingdom has had many honorable Crown Tournaments due to the comportment of the individual combatants and consorts, both on and off the field. We are looking forward with anticipation to once again witnessing this worthy display.

There is another display that will be happening at Our Crown Tournament event for which We are equally excited to see. Kingdom Arts and Sciences will be taking place on the May 23, 2015, the day before the tournament. Join Us in marveling at the remarkable creations of our wonderful artists.

Your servants,

Ragnvaldr III



Arabella III


Official Missive – Their Royal Majesties – March

Greetings and salutations to the people of the mighty Middle Kingdom from Their Majesties, Cadogan and AnnMarie.

As the icy grip of winter begins to lighten, We welcome home all of those who made the journey to Gulf Wars with Us. We hope that your time there was enjoyable and safe. We look forward to hearing the stories of war and merriment.

Next, as most of you have heard, the Board of Directors has gathered in an emergency meeting and voted to include a new peerage to the SCA. This new peerage is for rapier and cut and thrust activities, and those elevated will be known as Masters of Defense.

This is truly an exciting time to be in the SCA, and We know that there will be many watching and waiting to see how this new peerage is unveiled and develops to further serve the dream within the Kingdom and the Society.

We realize that things are changing, but we believe that change can sometimes be for the good. As always, we appreciate the faith that Our populace puts in us to care for your hopes and dreams. All we do, We do to serve the greater glory of the Society and Dragon realm.

Draco Invictus.



What Are We Looking For?

So, now that we’ve got the Midrealm Gazette, what do we do with it?

Simple. We will publish things you send us: Examples:

  • Event Announcements
  • Event Reports
  • Court Reports
  • Officer’s Missives
  • Articles on medieval topics
  • Articles on Midrealm topics
  • Photos, including photos illustrating articles
  • et cetera…

While we can’t guarantee we can use everything, we can use a lot. If you have something you think might be of interest to a wider community in the Kingdom, feel free to send it. We’ll work with you to get it in shape and publish it.

If you have something you’d like to see published, send it to us at .

Announcing The Midrealm Gazette! Call for volunteers!

Following the model of the very successful East Kingdom Gazette and Aethelmearc Gazette, I have launched the Midrealm Gazette at . This is intended to be a central source of timely information for the Kingdom. While it is not an official publication of the Society, my intent is to make it as authoritative and as reliable as possible. All members of the Midrealm and the Society will be invited to submit items of interest for publication.

To do this successfully, I will need help. I’m looking to build a team of volunteer editors. Ideally, we should have one from each of the kingdom’s regions, as well as one from each of the major interest areas. You can see a list at . Editors would not be limited to their particular area. Our plan is that editors will be able to answer questions, reach out to their specific community for more information when needed and be aware of events we should cover. And, given that the Midrealm is so interconnected, sometimes it will be likely that another editor is the one with the information. It’s good to have editors in a variety of locations and with many interests, but we will be flexible about who covers what.

The qualities we are looking for in editors are:

  • Comfort with computers and the internet
  • Common sense
  • Knowledge of current events in the kingdom and their implications
  • Ability to recognize if a submission needs rewriting and turn a submission into an article

If this sounds like something you might be interested in working on, contact me directly (via private message on Facebook, or via email to phil [at] for more details.

Communication channels have become scattered and uncertain for Kingdom members. There are many social media options available, which means that no one option is primary. Given the way Facebook decides to show (or not show) posts to any one person, we cannot rely on it as a guaranteed way to send information out to the Kingdom at large. Plus, viewing Facebook posts requires people be members of Facebook, for good or ill. The Middlebridge email list is defunct, while fewer and fewer people look to email as their principal communications platform. The Pale, while still the official communications vehicle for the Kingdom, is not well-suited for current events. Meanwhile, the Gazette online news blog model has been running in the East Kingdom for a couple of years now and seems to be turning into a success story. It’s a good time to bring this concept to the Middle Kingdom.

Send your submissions to

Yours in service to the Midrealm and the Society,

Master Philip the Pilgrim, OP

(please distribute widely)