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Archery at Pennsic 45: Be the Arrow That Wins the War

One arrow.

Sometimes that is all that separates victory from defeat. Among the hundreds of shafts that flew at Hastings it took only one to strike Harold in the eye and cripple the English efforts to repel William’s invasion.
One arrow and the Normans took England. One fewer arrow and the English might have won.
One arrow is sometimes all that’s required, but that arrow needs an archer.
One arrow from one bow.
One arrow from one archer.
Be that archer, draw that bow, shoot that arrow, make a difference.

Yours might be the arrow that wins the war.

Your King and Queen need your help.  If you are going to Pennsic this year, please come up to the archery range and be that one arrow.  If you would like to do more, come to the Pennsic Champions practice/tryouts and try out for the team.  Tryouts are at 5:00 pm Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of war week.

In service to the kingdom,
Countess Aibhilin

Pennsic Arts and Sciences War Point Champions Announced

This year there will be an Arts and Sciences War Point at Pennsic. The following individuals have all committed to serving as Our Middle Kingdom champions for the War Point at Pennsic:

Arthur Bear
Asalah al-Hina
EikBrandr Solgyafi
Faydwynn Randve
Genoveva von Lübeck
Oliver Stillman
Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada

Please come and support Our champions on Wednesday of War Week (August 5) in the Æthelmearc Royal Encampment! All persons who have received an award for arts and/or sciences from the Hand of Their Majesties— Laurels, Evergreens, Willows, and Silver Oaks—are invited to judge and vote. All members of the populace are encouraged to attend to see all the wonderful work being done in the Kingdoms of the Midrealm, East, Æthelmearc, and throughout the Known World!