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Archery at Pennsic 45: Be the Arrow That Wins the War

One arrow.

Sometimes that is all that separates victory from defeat. Among the hundreds of shafts that flew at Hastings it took only one to strike Harold in the eye and cripple the English efforts to repel William’s invasion.
One arrow and the Normans took England. One fewer arrow and the English might have won.
One arrow is sometimes all that’s required, but that arrow needs an archer.
One arrow from one bow.
One arrow from one archer.
Be that archer, draw that bow, shoot that arrow, make a difference.

Yours might be the arrow that wins the war.

Your King and Queen need your help.  If you are going to Pennsic this year, please come up to the archery range and be that one arrow.  If you would like to do more, come to the Pennsic Champions practice/tryouts and try out for the team.  Tryouts are at 5:00 pm Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of war week.

In service to the kingdom,
Countess Aibhilin

Pennsic Queens’ Favor Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial

favorPay heed, good gentles of the Middle Kingdom, for we have been charged with a task from on high. Princess Arabella and her counterpart in the East, Princess Etheldreda, wish to mark the solidarity of Their two kingdoms as we approach war with AEthelmearc this summer. To that end, They are asking the populace of both Kingdoms to create favors and They have chosen a design that features the mighty dragon of the Middle Kingdom and the fierce tyger of the East, as was reported in February by our friends at the EastKingdomGazette.org.

To further this mission and encourage anyone who is willing to contribute, I created a step-by-step photo tutorial showing how to make the Queens’ Favor from start to finish for members of my barony. Those outside my barony have inquired about it, and so, with Her Highness’s approval, I include it here on the new Midrealm Gazette so that any group or individual wishing to contribute may do so. If you create a favor on your own, you may mail it to Baroness Una (with enough time to arrive well before Pennsic 44) to the address listed here: