Drakenfjord Songbook Potential Copyright Infringement

Elashava Bas Riva and TSivia bas Tamara V’Amberview report that a 1200 page online songbook has come to their attention which contains “…songs unattributed from: Ansteorra, Atenveldt, Calontir, Drachenwald, Ealdormere, Glean Abhann, Lochac, Midrealm, and Outlands. And that was just SKIMMING.”

In most cases these songs have had the names of SCA kingdoms replaced with “Drakenfjord” or similar such changes. Most material is older; some of the songs Shava has identified is material from Master Hector of the Black Height, Mistress Eleanor Fairchild (Truly Carmichael) , Sir Bela of Eastmarch (Poul Anderson), THL Emer ( Em Holbert), Baldwin of Erebor,Tim Jennings (Garraed), and Morgana Bro Morganwg.

The PDF document states:

If you have any lyric sheets, sheet music or other commentary to add please contact Dame Katrin Karlsdöttir at the email address of and pass along whatever information you may posses. For instance many of these pieces are of unknown origin and any notes of where they originated would be appreciated. Also if you are interested in increasing your collection of works many many more can be found archived at the Bardic Bower Website also known as the Bardic Hall… http://bardsbower.multiply.com Many notes and alternant versions can be found there as well. Printed copies of this document are unavalible due to the prohibitive cost of printing and shipping a 1,200 page document. Feel free to print it and distribute it as you will for use within the realms of the organizations that promote the Bardic arts such as Amtgard, The High Fantasy Society, and The Society for Creative Anachronism…

If you recognize any of the unattributed material there, know who wrote it, or if you wrote it, they ask that you email the compiler and ask her to provide proper attribution and obtain permission, or remove the item(s).