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Simple Day Pre-Court Concert

Greetings unto those who will be visiting our most gracious land for Simple Day July 3-5!

I am looking for a few good people who are willing to perform for a pre-Court concert on Sat. evening. Bards, Singers, Instrumentalists, Poets, Jugglers, Mimes!

Please pm me (Facebook preferred) if you desire to share your talent.

Thank you.

Breddelwyn ap Taliesin

Policy on Aerial Cameras (drones) During Events

Curia has reviewed the input from the populace regarding the use of aerial cameras during events and has decided to allow their use at this time. As always, we ask that the populace use common sense and respect the wishes of event staff when it comes to the use of technology at events. A proposed usage guideline can be found attached below. Special thanks to Lady Kimiko (Kerry PMack) and Master Phillip the Pilgrim for their work on the guidelines.

Thank you,
Dame Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh
Kingdom Seneschal


Fall Coronation and Crown Tourney Event Sites Chosen

Citizens of the Midrealm!

Their Royal Highnesses Nikolai and Serena have chosen the sites of Their Coronation and Crown Tournaments!

Coronation will be held in the Barony of Cleflands and Crown Tournament will be held in the Barony of Brendoken.

Thank you to all who submitted bids to host these events.

In Service to the Midrealm,
HL Gwalchmai ap Bledig, called Maleachi
Kingdom Event Coordinator

Pennsic Newcomers Social

chatelaine_75x75On Sunday, August 2, from 2 – 4 pm, in AS15, the Chatelaines of AEthelmearc are once again hosting a Newcomers Social. All newcomers to Pennsic (or to the SCA in general) are invited to attend. The organizers are hopeful that several kingdom Chatelaines and members of the royalty will be in attendance. This will be a casual affair, and an opportunity for newcomers to ask questions and get to know people from around the Known World. Light refreshments will be served.

AS15 is one of the Pennsic University tents, and is located between the Lost & Found and the Dance Tents.

Baron Wars: Updated Rapier Activity Schedule!

Updated Rapier Activity Schedule!

Order of events:
Friday Night:
1. Rapier Tent – Open Liste: 6:00 – Dark (provide your own marshals)
2. Rapier Tent – Dark:30 – 3 AM: Rapier Party

1. Authorizations: 9 AM – 10 AM;
2. Youth Rapier: 9 AM – 12 Noon Rapier Tent, if marshals are available
3. Kingdom Rapier Melee Practice: 10 AM – 12 Noon;
4. Lunch Break: 12 PM – 1 PM;
5. Captain Craidd’s Boarding Actions: 1:00 – 2:00; Rapier Tent
6. Learn to Parry Tournament: 2 PM – 4PM; Rapier Tent and area
7. Pageant of the Masters 4:00 – 5:00
8. Open sparring After the Tournament 4:00-ish, Rapier Tent
9. Rapier Tent Lists close: 4:30 PM
10. Field lists close: 5:00
11. Court: 5:30 PM?, in the Rapier tent.
12. Dark:30 – ? AM: Rapier Party Part II!

To save space I’ll skip the Boarding Actions rules & description. If you don’t know what it is – “Fun bear-pit on the boards” sums it up nicely.

The Learn to Parry Tournament: 2 PM – 4:00 PM-ish
A tournament in two (2) parts:
• Round robin pools to start
o Three (3) lethal passes per bout.
o 0-3 possible points per bout.
o The victor of each pass gets 1 point.
o Double Kills count as 0 (no point for either combatant).
o Half of each pool will advance to the Double Elimination portion of the Tournament.
• Double Elimination Portion – with a Swiss-6 component. (Now 6 because of the 2-handed rapier authorization)
o Each combatant will list the order of authorization styles to be used as the Double Elimination portion progresses:
o Default to single rapier for any missing authorizations.
o Off-hand Parry is divided into Rigid & Non-rigid.
o Windy Day Rule: Single Rapier may be substituted for Rapier & Non-rigid parry at the Marshals’ discretion.
o One kill, only 1 re-fight for a double kill. A second double-kill counts as a loss for both. Learn to parry.
• Prize for 1st and 2nd places.

Rapier activity for those out of the Tournament:
• We’ll come up with something.

Pageant of the Masters 4 PM-ish – 5 PM
• Demonstration of the Master’s practice by students of opposing Masters.
o The students practise their Master’s system upon their opponents.
• Expositions of the Master’s method as being superior – given by the students.
o The students and pageant spectators divide into groups, as they desire, whereupon the students expound upon the Master’s craft in tutorial.

There’s melee!! There’re tournaments!! (with prizes!)
Any day with a sword in hand is a good day!
Come on out, we’re gonna have a blast!
(and the weather is looking good, too!)

Capt. Craidd

Simple Day in the Country & SCA 50 Year Celebration

Greetings to all my friends from Master Jean Paul Pierrepont;

Many of you will not be part of this note, but many are.

The SCA event “A Simple Day in the Country” will be held very soon (July 3-5) at the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds near Indianapolis Indiana. While you are there, I ask that you take a few minutes and take a look at the facilities and grounds of the Fairgrounds. The equestrian area alone is 120′ x 250′, so that gives you 30,000 feet to do an equestrian event of proportions never seen in the Middle Kingdom. Oh wait, I didn’t say about the 110 stalls and the indoor and outdoor makeup arenas, the indoor and outdoor wash stalls, and covered seating for 1000 people. (more…)

Music Performance Opportunities at Pennsic

The Kingdom Bard writes:

My friends in music!

We have several opportunities to make a joyous noyse of service at Pennsic this year! Here are the opportunities I currently have:

1) Opening Ceremonies — While I am working on larger possibilities, Their Majesties certainly want to have a processional into Opening Ceremonies. We will play one of the processionals we have already done. If you can walk with TRM and play at the same time, so much the better, but if not, we’ll set up at the entrance to the hall, and play away! Opening Ceremonies are at 9 am on Sunday, August 2. (more…)

Pennsic Position Open

Signal One

Signal One

Not a combatant, but looking for a way to help out around the battlefield at Pennsic this year?

Baron Nicholas of Windreach, also known as “Signal 1” or the guy in the castle tower with the flags and the official battle time, is looking for recruits to learn his position.

If you are interested in this challenging and important position at Pennsic, please feel free to contact Nicholas directly at

Gregoire, Midrealm Kingdom Earl Marshal

Pennsic Pre-Registration Extended

GOOD NEWS: Paid pre-registration for Pennsic 44 will REMAIN OPEN until 11:59pm (EDT) on Saturday, June 20th! [Edit: now closed]

Tell all your friends who haven’t pre-reged, that they have one more chance! And thank the Mayor!

As of Wednesday night, the pre-registered total was 11,656.