Midrealm Nominees for William Blackfox Awards

Here are the William Blackfox Award nominees for the Middle Kingdom for A.S. 49, a Society-wide award for excellence in local newsletter publication. There are many groups in the Middle Kingdom that are producing quality newsletters for their people, covering everything from meeting notes, event reports, recipes, photo essays, artwork, A&S projects, martial topics, fiction, poetry… the list goes on. I want to thank all of the Middle Kingdom Chroniclers for doing an important job for their groups and the kingdom. Keep up the good work!

And now, the envelope, please…

Best Overall
Fox Tales, from the Canton of Foxvale. Chronicler: Baron Thorvald Redhair.

The RivenSTAR, from the Barony of Rivenstar. Chronicler: Lady Marian Hryhorcova.

Best Special Issue
The Citadel, April Fool’s issue, Spring 2014, from the Barony of Cynnabar. Chronicler: THL Ermenrich von Duisberg.

The Gauntlet, chivalric virtues issue, October 2014, from the Region of Pentamere. Chronicler: Baroness Jahan Ara amat al Hafeeza al-Shayka.

Best Layout and Design
Flammberge, April 2015 issue, from the Barony of Flame. Chronicler: Lady Marissa von Atzinger.

Best Article
“The Easybake Armor Process” by Reinhold and Wilhelm von Glier, in Flammeus Alles, Spring 2015 issue, from the Barony of Fenix. Chronicler: Lady Elizabeth Fairchild called Lynnaea.

“A Guide to Youth Rapier Combat in the Middle Kingdom” by Warder Michael McCay, in The Gauntlet, May 2014 issue, from the Region of Pentamere. Chronicler: Baroness Jahan Ara amat al Hafeeza al-Shayka.

Best Regular Feature
“Dear Parrot” by Lady Brighid Breatnach, in The Portcullis, from the Barony of Brendoken. Chronicler: Lady Brighid Breatnach.

“Where in the World Is Baldric?” by Lady Tegan Marie Silvertree, Anarchan, and Lady Livith Northwode, in The Boke, from the Barony of White Waters. Chronicler: Lady Livith Northwode.

Best Poetry
“A Knight’s Duty” by Lady Daria Lupei, in Siren’s Song, Summer 2014 issue, from the Barony of Illiton. Chronicler: Lady Muriel Zimmermannin.

“I Was Forged” by Breddelwyn ap Taliesin, in the Sternfeld Star, June 2014 issue, from the Barony of Sternfeld. Chronicler: Lord Antonio Bellini.

Best Short Fiction
“Justice” by Master Midair MacCormaic, in The Citadel, Winter 2014 issue, from the Barony of Cynnabar. Chronicler: Lord Gavriil Petrovich.

Best Artwork
Cover art by Lady Brighid of Red Spears for The Vigil, Spring 2015 issue, from the Barony of Middle Marches. Chronicler: Lady Nyah MacPhee.

Cover art by Lady Marissa von Atzinger for Flammberge, April 2015 issue, from the Barony of Flame. Chronicler: Lady Marissa von Atzinger.

Honorable Mention (Overall)
The Sternfeld Star, from the Barony of Sternfeld. Chronicler: Lord Antonio Bellini.

The Boke, from the Barony of White Waters. Chroniclers: Lady Livith Northwode and Lady Genowefa Bulat.

There are also two categories for items in The Pale, the Middle Kingdom newsletter.

Best Article, Kingdom Newsletter
“The Lay of Kari’s Deed” by Syr Gunnar Redboar; November 2014 issue.

Best Cover Artwork, Kingdom Newsletter
“Stonemason” by Countess Alys Katharine; August 2014 issue.

“Winter Tree” by Master Gunnar Sigurdsson; February 2015 issue.

All of these newsletters can be found on the individual group websites, so take a moment and check them out. There’s some really great stuff out there!

In service,
Gunnar S.